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Time Tracking Software: A Game-Changer for Freelancers and Small Businesses

Let’s face it: when you are a freelancer you need the best time tracking tools possible to be successful. With these tools you get some of the best features on the market: accurate time tracking data, productivity reports, a way to track multiple projects, and more! Time tracking tools have truly shook up the world of freelancing and small business! Let’s dive into some of the features of the best time tracking systems out there!

Freelance time tracking features

Track freelancer time from anywhere

When running a business, employee monitoring that is convenient and mobile is key! Most of the big time tracking software out there can be downloaded as apps for mobile devices. These include Deputy, Toggl Track, and even RescueTime! Download any of these time tracking mobile apps and you will not be disappointed. Most of them have either a free version or a free plan that you can start with!

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Freelance time tracking and invoicing

Of the advanced features in a time tracker, one of the best is being able to connect time tracking to invoicing. You can rely on an app like Timely to track every billable hour, time spent on a project, as well as virtually every email and meeting in order to create accurate invoices. This feature is available on most desktop and mobile devices!

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Track earnings and project progress

A time tracking tool is instrumental for a small business as it can efficiently keep track of project progress and track earnings. Popular project management tools are included in many of the freelance time tracking software apps. Features of these project management tools include distraction blocking, project estimates collaboration, and alerts to keep you focused on a project!

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How time tracking for freelancers work

Set up projects

Time tracking software for freelancers allows users to even create new projects! What’s more, you can even manage projects all in the same place. You can use free time tracking apps to put together project budgets, set up task management, manage projects, and track the billable hours for team members for unlimited projects!

Track time

The best time tracking functionality of these tools is the ability to automatically track time. Automatic time tracking for freelance employees frees up time for business owners to take care of the many many things one must do when running a business. HourStack will even let you block off time via a visual calendar. These tools are excellent for tracking work hours, including billable hours and non-billable hours.

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Track time inside other apps

Another one of the advanced features in time tracking software for freelancers that is greatly beneficial is the ability to track time inside other apps! For example, if you use Clockify you can integrate the tracking app into other mobile apps such as Asana and Basecamp. This is especially helpful if your freelancers are familiar with using other mobile apps.

Set hourly rates

Another excellent feature of time trackers is the ability to set hourly rates for billable hours logged. This is perfect for ensuring your freelancers’ billable hours and project budgets seamlessly intertwine!

Export reports

What’s better than being able to export detailed reports to other places? You can just simply export the report to a PDF or an Excel file to your payroll department!

Set budget and invoice tracked time

Any business owner will tell you that two of the most time consuming tasks are budgeting and invoicing. The tracking software for freelancers that is commonly available today can take care of both of these concerns!

How to choose the best time-tracking app as a freelancer?


Time tracking software is easily affordable and will actually be one of your lowest business expenses! For example time tracking systems like RescueTime offer a two week free trial followed by a monthly fee of $6.50 a month. That’s only 78 dollars a year to have access to the best time tracking software out there!

Works for mobile devices and desktop apps

Even better, these tracking apps for freelancers and small businesses can be accessed on both desktop and mobile devices. For instance you can find these apps on the App Store for Apple or Google Play for Android devices.


Most of these tracking apps for freelancers can integrate their features to other apps such as Google Calendar, Asana, or Microsoft Teams. And those are just the more popular mobile apps! For instance, the Clockify time management app can be integrated with over eighty applications!

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Software’s features

The variety of features in time tracking software for freelancers and small businesses are truly amazing. The best time tracking apps provide the following features:

  • Productivity reports
  • Unlimited time tracking
  • Working with most major operating systems
  • Ability to integrate with other mobile apps
  • Ability to create project estimates
  • Expense tracking and time management

What are the benefits of time tracking for a freelancer?

You will reap an amazing amount of benefits from time tracking when you are a freelancer. These include the following benefits:

  • A number one benefit: less time spent actually tracking time!
  • A free plan to start!
  • Innovative and simple task management
  • A pain free way to track billable hours
  • Even a way to keep your eye on expense tracking!

What is time tracking?

Time tracking is a time management method. There has been a boom lately in automatic time tracking software. Time tracking systems also integrate payroll processing tools, employee monitoring, as well as built-in project management apps! Download a free time tracking app today! You won’t regret it!

How much does a time tracker cost?

Most time tracking apps will initially have a free plan before signing up to the paid plans! But not to worry, as they are very affordable. In fact the cost of not having a team management/time tracker is much higher. For example the cost for a top tier time tracking tool like Toggl Track is 18 dollars a month. That is 216 dollars for the priceless time tracking system which will save you valuable time when running your business!


How do freelancers keep track of time?

Freelancers keep track of time in a variety of ways. Back in the olden days it was all done via paper and then eventually through spreadsheet software. Now we have advanced to the innovative time tracking tools of today. The time trackers in use now can analyze the time spent on certain projects, providing tips on how to best use your time. Not to mention the fact that they can keep track of precious billable time too!

How do I track freelancers?

Your team management and employee monitoring is perhaps the most important feature of any time tracker. For example, in Toggl track you just simply open the app. Then you turn on Timer Mode to start tracking. You also have the option of using manual mode! Now is that not an awesome way to keep track of billable time? Simple too!

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