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ZipBooks is a solid cloud-based accounting and invoicing tool that not only streamlines payments but also oversees the overall performances of small businesses and individuals. The software offers features that help users to generate professional invoices, account for their transactions, track expenses, and oversee the overall finances. Besides, ZipBooks offers a time tracking feature, which is essential for employee productivity, a management feature, and can be integrated with other third-party software for a seamless business operation. With all these features and flexible plans, we highly recommend ZipBooks for any freelancer or small business.


  • Helpful customer support.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Offers time tracking, which is good for businesses charging for their time.
  • User-friendly interface.


  • Lacks inventory management.
  • Customer support options are only available in business days and at fixed time frames.
  • The free plan only supports a single bank account connection.

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ZipBooks — 2023 Reviews, Pricing, Features

This is a cloud-based accounting and invoicing software tool designed for small business owners, freelancers, and self-employed professionals. Apart from offering a vast selection of financial tools, it helps users manage their finances while streamlining their business operations.

With its easy setup, and a free starter plan, ZipBooks offers online invoicing, company reports, and streamlined communication. ZipBooks offers two monthly fee-based plans; Smarter and Sophisticated. It also offers a tailor-made program with custom pricing that is only available for accountants.

With these features, users can easily retain the most profitable customers, get paid more quickly, and compare their business performance with those of the competitors. In this article, we will look at ZipBooks pricing, features, and more. Read to the end to know more.

ZipBooks Features

This is a cloud-based accounting software tool designed to help companies manage their finances effectively at an affordable price. All operations can be conducted on desktop or mobile devices. That means users can manage their finances while on the go. However, at the time of writing, there is no ZipBooks app, as it has been discontinued for further development.

One primary function of ZipBooks is offering an easy-to-use invoice system. This helps businesses create professional-looking invoices, send them to clients, and track payments. Second, the tool has a built-in time-tracking feature that helps businesses keep track of the hours their employees work. Third, ZipBooks allow businesses to manage multiple projects and tasks while generating invoices based on project progress. And its multi-currency support tool allows it to operate internationally. What key services do ZipBooks offer to your business?

Track expenses easily

Controlling expenses is an important project management role and ZipBooks partners with many gateways to help you follow up at every expense. Businesses can easily track their expenses and categorize them for tax purposes thanks to the bank reconciliation features. Here, ZipBooks automatically imports and reconciles bank transactions, making it easy for businesses to keep track of their finances.

Oversee your finances

Besides tracking your expenses, ZipBooks offers a variety of customizable reports, including profit-and-loss statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. With these features, you can easily oversee how your business performs financially. Thus, it saves you the hassle of creating endless and complex financial reports and balance sheets, and you can use the time to do other things that also matter to the business.

Most valued features by users

Among the many valued ZipBooks features available, we have outlined the most important ones below.

  • Easy to use interface — With a user-friendly interface, ZipBooks is easy to navigate allowing you to create professional customer invoices to suit your brand. ZipBooks users will also be able to access simple accounting techniques thanks to extremely straightforward accounting software.
  • Expense tracking — ZipBooks allows you to track any expenses by recording transactions, categorizing them, and generating reports. This function also enables you to attach receipts to each transaction.
  • Time tracking — If you are looking to track time in an extremely simple way, ZipBooks accounting software generates detailed time reports that you can use to invoice your clients accurately. The built-in time tracker will send invoices to customers and is ideal if you need to bill customers for your time and services.
  • Financial reporting — ZipBooks software generates financial reporting with income and balance sheets, profit-and-loss documents, and cash flow statements.
  • Integration — Thanks to a partnership with PayPal, Square, and Stripe, ZipBooks makes it easy to deliver a personalized invoice, receive payments and reconcile transactions.
  • Affordable — Choose from affordable pricing plans depending on your business needs. Try out the free starter version for the most basic features, or opt for the Sophisticated or Accountant plan to access the most effective and trustworthy tools.
  • Manage your accounts — ZipBooks Accounts Receivable feature allows you, the user, to administer your accounts proactively, organizing your bookkeeping accounts receivable balances for a prompt follow-up on past-due accounts.

Accounting functionality

ZipBooks offers solid accounting tools for its users. This includes double-entry accounting, allowing customers to link their bank accounts to the application, thus eliminating the need to enter multiple transactions in the system.

This software tool includes a default chart of accounts that are suitable for any small business with the option to add additional accounts if required. It also uses auto-categorization, a built-in algorithm that memorizes how you categorize your transactions and implements that process automatically, thus reducing the need to classify each transaction entered.

Time tracking

In the business world, time is money, and seamlessly managing your time is fundamental for success. One of the most important features that ZipBooks offers is the time tracking tool. This feature allows you to track how much time you or your team members spend on specific projects. So, you can monitor your billable hours and generate accurate invoices for your clients.

To use the time tracking feature in ZipBooks, you can start a timer when you begin a task, and then stop it once it has been completed. Another option is to enter the time you spent on a task manually. Besides, ZipBooks provides detailed reports that show how much time you and your team have spent on different tasks and projects.

A great invoicing and accounting solution for small agencies and freelancers

ZipBooks is a cloud-based invoicing and accounting software tool that is designed to help small businesses work more efficiently and seamlessly. It offers a range of features and tools to simplify financial management, including invoicing, expense tracking, time tracking, project management, and reporting.

The software integrates with popular payment processors and banks, making it easier to manage transactions and keep track of cash flows to ensure you can get paid faster with less hassle. If you have little or no experience with accounting or bookkeeping, the customer support team can help with all issues, ranging from invoice layouts to accounting tasks.

Benefits of ZipBooks

The major benefit of ZipBoos is allowing you to improve your cash flow with smart billing features, which transform your data into actionable insights that can help your company grow. Billable expenses can be converted into invoices during invoice creation, thus allowing you to customize and track your invoices while setting up recurring ones.

Other benefits include allowing you to take payments via credit card payment gateways or ACH through Square and PayPal while even setting reminders for unpaid invoices. Moreover, all the features will help you establish your business health score as well as an invoice quality score. Thereafter, it will give you customized recommendations to help you develop the company further.

ZipBooks pricing information

When comparing ZipBooks with other business inventory management tools, we were pleasantly surprised with the results. We compared ZipBooks Sophisticated with QuickBooks Online Essentials (a more basic plan than QuickBooks Online Plus) and Sage Business Cloud Accounting (Sage Business Cloud’s highest plan). While ZipBooks leads at a price advantage over QuickBooks, it is on par with Sage Accounting.

Free plan

To receive a quote for your business, log onto the site and request a free trial. Just sign up for a 30-day free plan for ZipBooks Starter plan. With this plan, you can issue multiple invoices and improve your bookkeeping skills. And it is available for small businesses and qualified accountants.

Starter pricing plan

Although ZipBooks offers a free plan to its users, it has limited features for small businesses who want to try out the software. For more features, a business can try the first premium plan; the Starter plan. This plan offers basic bookkeeping features, such as online invoicing and time and expense tracking. Users can connect it with one bank account and is perfect for anyone with a small business. However, the starter plan only supports one user.

ZipBooks Smarter plan

For businesses that need to streamline their online accounting and invoicing processes, the ZipBooks Smarter plan offers more advanced features. It has features of the starter plan plus additional ones like time-tracking, project management, and advanced reporting. You can also connect it to multiple bank accounts, have up to five users, and create quotes for your customers.

ZipBooks sophisticated plan

The sophisticated plan offers over 30 advanced reports to help your company track its finances, expenses, and income. It can also cover profit and loss, cash flow, and balance sheet reports. Here, users can create multiple projects, assign team members, track time, and monitor project expenses and is an ideal package for larger companies because it’s available for multiple users.

ZipBooks accountant plan

This business plan is tailor-designed for accountants and bookkeepers for any size company. It offers users the ability to collaborate with multiple clientele from one dashboard, edit transactions in bulk, migrate existing accounting data, unlimited users, and white-labeling.

However, it is worth noting that this plan is only for ZipBooks accountants who wish to keep their client’s books on ZipBooks. Each user license costs $10 per month, but for large accounts, ZipBooks can offer a per-license discount depending on the user’s requirements.

Assisted Bookkeeping Options

ZipBooks offers four bookkeeping options and users can choose from any of them depending on the business plan they need. Each level offers distinct features, ranging from basic bookkeeping to full-service accounting tools.

Great software with outstanding technical support

If you have little experience in accounting or just need extra help, ZipBooks can be a straightforward and intuitive tool. You can explore everything via their user-friendly layout and many features. If you encounter any technical problem, you can easily reach out to their technical support via a variety of options and get help within a short time.

Working with ZipBooks support

ZipBooks has a comprehensive customer support system that you can rely upon for the smooth operation of its software. On the support page, you’ll find an array of articles covering almost all the topics. These include articles concerning billing, transactions, payrolls, and invoice layouts, among others. If you can’t get a solution to your problem in the articles, you can contact the support team via the live chat option and get responses in real-time.

Zipbooks Integrations

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Frequently Asked Questions

In the following section, we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions.

To provide users with the best services, ZipBooks integrates with Google Workspace, Google Drive, PayPal, Asana, and others.

Depending on the plan you choose, payment options range from $15 per month for the Smarter version to $35 per month for the Sophisticated option. However, the account version has a customized payment.

Signing up with the free version, a ZipBooks user can send unlimited invoices, engage with a number of vendors & customers, accept digital payments (Square or PayPal), view basic reports, and connect one bank account.

No. Unfortunately, the ZipBooks app has been discontinued while developments and new features are being integrated. However, users can access Zipbooks via their browser as it is mobile-friendly. This means that ZipBooks users can access all the tools for streamlined communication and reconciliation even if there is no app.

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