Timely App for Time Tracking Review 2023

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When your business is unproductive, it cannot make money. However, you can achieve better productivity by ensuring your time is used efficiently to deliver quality services. Hence, a great time-tracking app is one of the biggest assets you can have. The following are some of the main pros and cons of Timely:


  • Real-time project dashboards.
  • Relies on AI tools and memory.
  • Automatically tracks time spent.
  • Fully accurate timesheets and ready-made reports.


  • Expensive.
  • Designed for well-funded businesses.
  • Data only stored in Europe.
  • Slow customer support.

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Timely App for Time Tracking Review 2023

Time tracking is one of the most important practices in the modern workspace. The benefits of consistent time tracking include the following:

  • Increased productivity
  • Detection of distractions
  • Simpler issue identification
  • Higher transparency within the organization and towards clients.

Timely is a popular time-tracking solution used by many organizations and individuals. To help you make an informed decision, we’re going to look into Timely’s standout features and pricing plans, as well as looking into other people’s reviews. Read on to find out more.

Timely Features

Before choosing any time-tracking software, it is important to review its features. Timely has several attractive features that are suitable for use by both individuals and organizations.

For a start, you can track time seamlessly and monitor data using this software. Using AI task automation it tracks the amount of time spent using other apps, and programs like Gmail, PowerPoint, and Google Docs as well as time spent on any website.

With Timely, you can plan an event or task weeks in advance, but it also allows you to move projects around in your calendar if you need to reschedule. This perfect flexibility feature ensures time efficiency and gives you room for new or emerging tasks.

Another important feature you should not miss is the ability to produce reports. Timely allows you to monitor weekly or hourly productivity by pulling out reports. You can also access information on how long it took you to complete a certain project compared to your initial projection.

Summary of Timely features

  • Seamless time tracking with automatic reminders to users
  • AI-powered task automation with error detection tools
  • Detailed reports that are broken down using various criteria
  • Fully functioning mobile app
  • It is compatible with almost all popular devices.

Project planning

This app offers a new breed of planning software powered by automatic time tracking. This software allows you to receive accurate and real-time feedback on how your time plans are unfolding. With this information, you can be able to set healthier and more efficient schedules.

As a Timely user, you can plan your projects weeks in advance or plan them as they come. This is quite flexible since it does not limit your time frame for a task. Also, the flexibility favors teams that may have different schedules by giving them enough time to work on their tasks.

Team time management

Timely helps reduce your potential workload by doing the time tracking for you. It uses automatic tracking software and a calendar to create weekly time sheets that can be uploaded to your company’s website. This tool tracks a user’s time in meetings as well as time spent using applications, emails, web browsers, documents. It can even log time spent at different GPS locations.

With the automatic tracking system, no billable hours are forgotten or unaccounted for. This means you can get an accurate and reliable time record for all your projects and meetings. It provides real-time data for project dashboards.

Efficiently manage and save time

Timely can help you improve time efficiency and profitability in various ways through its automatic time tracking. You can obtain a development roadmap through the data collected by the app. It carries out project budget tracking and simple task scheduling. The app also tracks estimated time, logged hours, billable hours, and non-billable time and breaks down your overall project into tasks or activities.

Timely App is best for businesses needing advanced features

Businesses use time-tracking software to monitor the productivity rates of their employees. With the data gathered from the app, businesses are able to remunerate their workers accurately and identify areas that require improvement. In this regard, Timely works more efficiently than other cheaper apps.

To choose the best time-tracking software, a business must first identify its unique needs and find the software that best matches those needs. If you have an organization that operates on a large scale with many workers, then the Timely app would be a great option.

This app is best suited to well-budgeted businesses that require top-tier features. This is because the software is a little pricier than others, hence the need for a business that has budgeted for this expenditure.

Most of the cheaper time-tracking desktop apps with offer basic features only. Timely’s higher cost comes because it incorporates some impressive project management features. It also offers advanced features such as native integrations and open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that allow you to connect data across platforms. You can use these features to track company resources and clients, delegate tasks, and carry out other high-end actions.

Project Rates and Budget Features

With this time-tracking software, you can use the app to set a budget for tasks where you charge a flat fee. This helps you focus on the hourly rate for your projects. For example, if you are working on a project worth $600 and you want to earn $60/hour, then you want to spend no more than 10 hours on the tasks linked to it.

If the time tracking service shows that you are spending more time on projects than expected, you can calculate what your actual hourly rates are. Knowing the real hourly rate, allows you to adjust your flat fee for future projects.

Alternatively, you can also choose to set some tasks or projects as non-billable. For example, you may want to spend time writing blog posts to improve the visibility of your business. Setting this as a non-billable task allows you to track the time spent and will help you calculate the return on that time investment should it lead to new paid work.

Ways Timely Could Upgrade in the Future

Like any other technology, there is always room for improvement by the developers. Although Timely hosts high-end and advanced features, there are a few upgrades that it could work on in the future. These upgrades would certainly improve the app, but it doesn’t mean it is less efficient without them.

Color coding

For example, the app currently allows you to choose a color for your project, but it does not allow you to add the same color for similar potential tasks. You have to create a custom color for every new task. This color coding could work better with a little adjustment.

Calender updates

Another feature idea that developers could improve is the option to move tasks back from a future week to the present one. Currently, you have to reset the task data to the current week, but an upgrade would be the ability to forward it automatically.

Allow the Timer to Round Up for Projects

While the Timely app exceeds many people’s expectations, it does not allow the timer to round up for tasks. If you bill in quarter hours, you cannot round up to the quarter-hour per tracked task. Instead, reports simply add all the minutes together.

For instance, if you track 14 minutes today and 56 minutes tomorrow on the same task, rounding up would give a billable time of one hour and 15 minutes, whereas currently the tracked time would account for 1 hour 10 minutes and would have to be manually rounded up. Over time, the unaccounted-for minutes can add up to hours and hence, a lot of missed time. Timely could improve on this feature for more efficiency.

Comparison of Timely vs. Competitors

One factor distinguishing Timely from its competitors is the fact that it’s quite expensive. However, the high prices come with advanced features and a more developed interface.

While Timely charges $8 per user, competing apps such as Hubstaff are free. Despite this disparity, unlike most web and desktop apps, they are both compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Other time trackers, such as Gusto, have no customized app and operate through their website only. Gusto charges $40 + $6 per payee and has a payroll feature available for its subscribers. However, Timely and Hubstaff allow you to bill clients without a payroll.

Timely App Pricing and Plans

The app has a free 14-day trial period for new members, allowing you to familiarize yourself with the features before choosing a payment plan. You can choose to pay any of the four main payment plans monthly or yearly. The different features, such as memory, report service, and calendar integration, vary based on your payment plan, and full details of each can be found on Timely’s web site.

The first plan is the Starter plan costing $9 per month for one user. With the Starter plan, you get no-frills automatic time tracking.

The second plan is the Premium subscription, which costs $16 per month. This plan gives you unlimited projects and unlimited teams. You can also access live project dashboards, come up with recurring budgets and lock billed hours.

Thirdly, the Unlimited plan allows you to coordinate people, capacity, and plans. The payment per month is $22 for one user. It offers more memory capability than the Premium plan.

Lastly, there is the Unlimited plus, whose pricing is customized by Timely’s sales department. This plan tailors the software to suit your organizational needs.

You can reach out to customer support for more information on any of these plans.

Why do businesses use time-tracking software?

There are several reasons why businesses choose to use time-tracking software. The most obvious one is time management. Since time is money, every company wants to manage its data time wisely. They can easily do so using time-tracking software.

There is also the issue of productivity and performance. The data that an organization acquires from this software is useful in helping the business maximize productivity through ensuring its workers are meeting their performance goals.

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