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Teamwork Review 2023: Features, Benefits, and Pricing 

Our Verdict

I’ve been using Teamwork for a few months now, and I must say, it’s been a game-changer for our team. The interface is intuitive, and the communication tools are efficient, making it easy for us to collaborate and manage tasks. It has all the features we need to streamline our project management process, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable solution.


  • It integrates with several tools.
  • It is available on desktop, mobile, and browsers. This makes Teamwork projects accessible on different platforms.
  • It maintains data privacy and security.
  • 30-day free trial available for new users.
  • No credit card is required for trials.
  • Paid plans offer numerous benefits for effective project management.


  • There are limited integrations on the free plan
  • The free plan has limited benefits compared to the paid plans.

Free plan available


Subscription Price

Starting at €5.99 Per user



Kanban-style, user-friendly


 Expert Review

Very Good


Starting at €5.99 Per user

24/7 Support


Mobile App




A Quick Look at the Teamwork Software

Teamwork is an easy tool to use, and it makes project management easy, efficient, and productive for small and big teams.

I’ve been in the project management world for so long that I now understand the need for collaborative tools, hence this Teamwork review. As a project manager who constantly interacts with teams and clients, I have tried many (almost all) of the tools in the market.

While choosing among these tools is hard, I shall periodically bring you a detailed review of each tool I’ve tried. These reviews should guide you in selecting a tool from which you can connect with your team and clients when handling different projects.

This edition focuses on Teamwork review. We shall discuss the features and benefits of the Teamwork project management software to your organization and its clients. Also, we shall outline its different templates and pricing plan. Let’s get right to it.

Overview of the Teamwork Project Management Software

If you ask me to list my favorite project management software, I might mention Teamwork twice. One of the reasons I love this tool is that it offers excellent client service. Teamwork offers smooth collaboration between businesses and their clients. It is suitable mainly for companies that want to deal directly with clients and maintain seamless communication.

What is Teamwork Software used for?

As stated earlier, Teamwork maintains excellent collaboration between an organization and its clients. It doesn’t matter the number of clients an organization has; the software can help manage them all. Having used Teamwork a lot, I can boldly say it helps manage tasks, import tasks, track billable hours, enhance productivity, get accurate data reporting, set milestones, track progress and deadlines, etc.

Teams – agency, professional, creative, and marketing – take full advantage of this for task management and scheduling. If you belong to any of these teams, this tool gives you access to real-time collaboration with your client, tracking billable minutes, and excellent customer relationship management (CRM).

Teamwork Features and Benefits

In this Teamwork review, I will walk you through the features and benefits of this tool I’ve enjoyed and will continue to:


Project Management Templates on Teamwork

What else I find exciting about Teamwork is its myriad templates for different teams. Teamwork has 20+ templates, and I shall discuss them here. You can try any of the templates when you sign up.

    1. Product Launch Plan Template


This template suits your team if there’s a product to launch. It helps you effectively manage the processes of bringing your product to life. With this template, your team and its client can collaborate during market research, development, product testing, launching, product management, and every other step involved. The product launch plan checklist ensures that your team and clients tick every box necessary to make your product launch successful.

    1. Task Management Template


The task management template helps you categorize your tasks into 3: to-do, doing, and done. The template lets you monitor your ‘to-do’ and ‘doing’ tasks until you finish them. As you use this template, you can automate where necessary and maximize time.

    1. New Client Onboarding Checklist Template 

As your company grows and onboards more clients, managing them might be tasking. However, with this template, you can never go wrong with client management. This template helps you treat each client like a king, build lasting relationships, and improve efficiency.

    1. Content Plan Template


I love this template as it contributes largely to the success of my content marketing effort. It helps to plan and finish all marketing content – ebooks, blog posts, podcasts, etc., at the estimated time.

    1. Advertising Campaign Plan Template

What’s a product/service without a strategic advertising campaign plan? A strategic ad campaign helps to promote your products/services. This template will help you manage all the steps in launching your client’s ad campaign.

    1. Software Implementation Plan Template

Use this template to handle software rollout successfully. The template guides you by making you tick check boxes that will lead you to smoothly rolling out your client’s software.

    1. Project Management Template

Project management becomes easy for your team when it uses this template. Once you begin to use this template, you will save time, maximize your budget, and plan appropriately.

    1. Public Relations (PR) Planning Template


This is the perfect template to promote your client’s PR campaign. It is also ideal for breaking down your PR strategy into small goals and steps.

    1. Podcast Planning Template


A podcast is great content to share with your client’s audience. Use this template as a checklist for creating and sharing a podcast.

    1. Website Project Plan Template

This template is the best if you need to design or develop a website for your client. The template keeps team members working on the website on the same page. It also contains Gantt charts that visualize active projects, work dependencies and progress.

    1. Event Planning Template 

Organize hassle-free events that will earn you accolades and make your clients smile. These events could be press conferences, webinars, etc.

    1. Weekly To-do List Template


Never miss out on important tasks or meetings with this template. The Teamwork weekly to-do list template will also help boost your productivity level.

    1.  Marketing Plan Template

With this template, you can access four marketing campaign types. The four are; digital marketing campaign, email marketing campaign, & social media marketing campaign, and marketing campaign proposal.

    1. New Employee Onboarding Template 

Welcome new employees digitally to your project management team with this template. Also, help them learn about your company’s projects, clients, and deliverables.

    1. Invoice Tracker Template

It would be frustrating to miss or be unable to track payments. So, Teamwork designed this to help your company group invoices, assign invoices, track invoices, and get invoice overviews.

    1. Creative Requests Template

The creative requests template allows your team members to make requests while working on a project. It gives each team member access and visibility to what is required on a project.

    1. Bug Tracking Template 

Software development teams should use this template to find and fix project bugs. Aside from finding and fixing bugs, you can use this template to assign tasks, allocate resources, and communicate with your team members.

    1. Design Project Management Template

Creative teams on Teamwork use this template for design-related projects. While you work on Teamwork, this template is also helpful for sharing design ideas, mock-up designs, and feedback.

    1.   Business Goals Template 

This template makes hitting your team’s and client’s business goals easily achievable. Use the business goals template to set goals and steps to achieve them.

    1. Meeting Agenda Template 

Without clearly set agendas, meetings will not be a success. To hold successful meetings, use this template to set agendas. The template will help you to divide your meetings into categories and note discussion points. This will keep everyone aware of what to expect from your meetings.

    1. OKR (Objectives and Key Results) Template

The OKR template works for monitoring and measuring achieved goals. It can also spur your team members to remain diligent to achieve goals and reach set milestones on due dates..

    1. Project Tracker Template 

As you handle clients’ projects, it is essential to track progress. Progress tracking helps you to identify how much you’ve achieved, what to improve, etc.

In a Nutshell

Project management tools have made tasks easy and productive for my team. I’m certain this Teamwork review has shown you all you need to know to use the software effectively. I will recommend this over other tools as it offers more benefits than others. You can check the complete comparison of this tool with others to confirm. Ready to start using Teamwork? Sign up now and start enjoying lifelong benefits you can get nowhere else.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing a Teamwork plan for your business depends on your team’s or client’s needs. For instance, the Free Forever Plan is suitable for small teams. However, if you have more requirements, even as a small team, you should opt for a plan that offers more benefits.

You can try Teamwork’s paid plans only for 30 days. Also, during the trial, you can test the tool with real projects and record your experience. Your experience or rating score can help you decide to use the tool for other projects. After this trial period, you must pay monthly or annually to use the software.

You can change your plan anytime. You can choose to upgrade your plan or downgrade it. Navigate to ‘settings’ on the menu to do this. To upgrade, click your profile avatar. Then, select ‘subscription.’

Once the subscription page loads, you will see the details of your current plan.

Next, click ‘update subscription.’ You will be redirected to the checkout page. While on the checkout page, select your new plan and the billing type (monthly or yearly.

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