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Nifty Review 2023: Key Features and Integrations, and Pricing

Our Verdict

Regarding project management tools, Nifty is way easier to use and more efficient when compared with other software. Its design and optimum performance give it an edge over other tools, making goals and projects easily achievable.


  • 14 days free trial available.
  • Credit cards are not required for free trials.
  • End-to-end security


  • Two of the pricing plans are quite expensive.

Free plan available


Subscription Price

Starting at $39 Per user





 Expert Review

Very Good


Starting at $39 Per user

24/7 Support


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What is Nifty?


Nifty is a project management tool and the best productivity tool designed to help teams work from a centralized location. Even though there are so many tools in the market,  it is regarded as the ultimate work management operating system. The tool places a premium on uniting teams and actions without opening too many tabs or apps.


With Nifty, you can set goals and timelines. Once you’ve identified your goals, Nifty helps you to design plans to reach them. As you move from one rung of the project ladder to the other, Nifty monitors your progress automatically till you’re done.


Similarly, this tool aids collaboration between team members, managers & subordinates, and your company and its clients. Nifty ensures you organize and track projects using different views.


Team members can brainstorm, share ideas, and collect feedback on Nifty. These processes can happen in real-time through chats or video meetings.


As you use this tool, you can create notes, documents, and wikis shareable with the entire team. These materials can serve as a guide to executing a task or finishing up a project.


Nifty also works effectively for building native forms for data capture. It contains custom fields where team members can enter data. Likewise, it’s effective for automated progress reports for all projects.

Nifty Features

    1. Project Home 


Nifty project home lets you manage all projects and tasks from a single platform. You can customize the project home for a more personal feel of the tool.

The project home represents a collaborative workspace where your team can create specific workflows & intelligent discussions and track projects and time spent on them.

    1. Time Tracking


Time tracking is as crucial as executing a project. It helps you observe how much you’ve accomplished in a given time. Likewise, it shows you what’s left and the time available before the due date.

In summary, it prevents time wastage and aids work efficiency, thereby satisfying clients. The time tracking feature on Nifty helps you accomplish these. It also improves productivity, tracks costs, and balances your team’s workload.

    1. Project Portfolio


Projects can be cumbersome to handle. In situations like this, teams need not add any more chaos. Hence, the need for the Nifty project management tool.

The key benefit of this feature is its differently-labeled folders for proper organization. Similarly, Nifty helps you gather insights into all project portfolios. Once you select a portfolio, you can view the status and assigned team member(s).

    1. Organized File Storage


Consider Nifty as your project management team’s electronic file classification tool. First, it allows you to upload files from different sources- computer, Google Drive, etc., and sorts them by type.

This makes them easy to identify for your team members. Also, Nifty’s proofing feature automatically helps you create subtasks based on comments on a task or project.

Project Views on Nifty

With these views, you get a bird’s eye view of all projects in your workspace. They clarify your projects and allow you to automate task assignments. Also, they convert task lists into milestones and enable you to track deadlines. Let’s examine the 5 Nifty project views below;

    1. Kanban View


The Kanban board carefully organizes your projects in their order of priority. It also helps you track deadlines, collaborate, and manage milestone dependencies.

    1. List View


Nifty’s list view allows you to structure your work. With this view, you can customize and group tasks and projects. Likewise, it will enable you to filter tasks and perform bulk actions.

    1. Swimlane View

Access all resources in different categories with the swimlane view. The view helps you group all your resources according to their general theme. You can have groups like Slack, team chat, salesforce, etc.

    1. Timeline View


Task and time tracking improves with this view. It helps you to stay aware of pending tasks and their timelines, so you don’t miss them. Its Gantt chart view helps create team alignment and visualize milestones and milestone dependencies.

    1. Calendar View 


Use the calendar to map out project execution. You can plan tasks daily, weekly, or monthly.

Use Cases of Nifty

    1. Marketing Teams


Nifty is highly useful for marketing teams to strategize, act, and execute projects in-house and for clients. With Nifty, you can engage in campaign discussions. It also helps with campaign planning – where your team starts to craft the big message to pass to its audience.

Similarly, this project management software allows campaign reporting. It enables you to view projects’ completion status. Also, Nifty keeps a solid track of all campaign activities, deliverables, workloads, and timestamps.

    1. Client Management


Effective client management is equivalent to the success of a project. This is because great client relationships help you stay in tune with your client’s needs while actualizing them as expected.

Nifty enables proper client management for successful projects, repeat patronage, and referrals. As you use Nifty for client management, your team will better handle client-team communication and automated progress tracking. In addition, your team will track billable hours better.

    1. Agile Development 


Nifty does not only serve as a collaborative hub for your agile team. Instead, it also allows agile sprint management and helps to create project specifications. Agile teams can also automate workflows on Nifty and break big development projects into subtasks.

    1. Product Teams


The Nifty project management tool manages your product from ideation to completion. It aids resource and file management as well.

    1. Legal Case Management


If you have a legal team, this software is perfect for prioritizing caseloads. It allows your legal team to track billable hours, get recurring reminders, customize case views, and track all activities.


Nifty case templates you can try are; start from scratch, business case, immigration case, civil case, and injury case.

Nifty Integrations

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Best for building custom workflows across teams

Frequently Asked Questions

We have mobile and desktop apps for Nifty that help task management more effective. The mobile app is available on the Apple store and Google Play Store. We also have desktop apps for Mac and Windows.

Nifty is available in other languages; German, French, Japanese, Spanish, and Portuguese.

You can pay with credit cards. You can also pay issued invoices by check or wire transfer.

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