Invoicera Review 2023

Our Verdict

This is an easy app for staff management and time-based invoices. The Invoicera cost is also not too large, especially for smaller companies. That being said, it can get a bit expensive and the lack of good, speedy support is a major letdown for Invoicera.


  • Offers international invoicing options
  • Range of strong invoicing templates
  • Simple invoicing process
  • Has a free plan
  • Many different integration options


  • Customer support is not always consistent
  • Can be expensive per month
  • No live bank feeds

Free plan available


Subscription Price

Starting at $15 Per Month





 Expert Review

Very Good


Starting at $15 Per Month

24/7 Support


Mobile App




Invoicera Review 2023

In this day and age, being able to create quick and simple invoices for online payments is a must. Alongside online invoicing software, expense management is an essential tool in your billing software if you intend to operate well as a small business. As such, Invoicera offers a range of different expense tracking and invoicing options that work well for small businesses.

In this Invoicera review, we’re going to take a look at this online invoicing software and see exactly how it can help you out when you’re running your own company.

Overview of Invoicera

To kick things off, Invoicera online billing software is great for those who want to work globally. It’s got international features in place and even offers a free plan. However, it’s not perfect for everyone and does have some issues if live bank feeds are something you need on your features list.

The Invoicera invoicing software was originally launched back in 2006. It has since grown enormously and manages the sending of over 200,000 invoices each year. Impressively, this takes place on a global scale. So, not only does Invoicera have strong invoicing features and products, but it also has a variety of options to automate the services as well.

Some of these Invoicera features include being able to send invoices in as many as 16 different languages. There are also more than 30 different payment gateway options. If all this wasn’t enough, there is also project management software, auto-billing, time tracking, the ability to send multiple invoices and even to set up recurring billing. In short, it’s a complete accounting solution. Of course, it’s not completely perfect as there are some limitations when it comes to tracking and reporting tools for the invoicing and billing processes. There is also not great customer service at times and the free trial doesn’t offer all that it could.

Let’s dive in to check out all the Invoicera features to see if this is the software for you.

Invoicera Pricing and Plans

For starters, there is an Invoicera free plan that will remain free for the entire time you decide to keep it. However, if you want to access more of the features, then there are three different paid plans on offer. Helpfully, Invoicera does offer a free trial of 15 days that you can use to test out the paid plans. Better yet, you don’t need a card or bank information to access the trial, and you can cancel it at any time.

The Invoicera free plan is good, but it is somewhat limited. For instance, you do not have unlimited customers on this plan. In fact, you can actually only have three customers. So really, it’s for very small businesses if this is the option you go for. That being said, if you opt for one of the paid plans, these can actually get quite expensive per month, which isn’t ideal.

For example, if you want unlimited users, something you can get on the Infinite Plan, then you’re going to have to pay $149 per month, so you need to know that it’s worth it. Unfortunately, Invoicera does not have as many of the options as something like an accounting program does, which could be a good reason to not opt for this software for that price.

If you do opt for any of the paid plans, then the payments can be made on a monthly basis. However, taking on the yearly subscription gives you a 20% discount. And, you can get a good referral discount as you will earn money for any new customers you refer to the software platform.

Let’s take a look at these plans in detail:

Starter Plan

As mentioned this is not a free trial but an actual forever free plan and does not cost anything per month. You can have one user with up to three clients and can support multiple different businesses. Unlimited invoices are provided as well as the option to produce recurring invoices. There’s also the option for automated late payment reminders too. Other important features of this Invoicera online billing software include being able to do expense management and tracking, project management, time tracking, backing up data, and making reports. There are multi-currency and multi-lingual invoicing options on this plan as well.

Pro Plan

For this plan, you’re looking at $15 a month, and you get everything that the Starter plan has to offer. However, there are additions to this. For instance, you can have up to 100 clients, and you can have two users on the account rather than just one.

Business Plan

For $29 per month, this plan has everything from the Pro plan but, again, adds more to this custom invoicing software. Other features available include the ability to have 1000 clients on the invoice approval system as well as 10 users, which is good for small businesses that are intending to grow.

Infinite Plan

At $149 per month, this is by far the most expensive option, and it’s not entirely clear whether it’s worth it just for an online invoicing program. The Infinite plan contains everything from the Business plan but offers unlimited clients and unlimited users, which could be handy for some business processes.

For both the Invoicera Business and Pro plans, you can add more clients for $10 a month for every 100 extra clients added. If you want more staff to have access to the software, then you pay $9 per month for each additional user. As such, it’s important to determine exactly what your business needs as to which Invoicera option offers you the best value for money.

Invoicera Features

As you might have guessed, the best thing about Invoicera is the invoicing features it offers. When I tested it out, it covered all my invoicing needs well. The automation and customization options are really great, but there are other features on offer as well.


The Dashboard on Invoicera shows a range of different graphs that track your activity and overall financial state. You can see invoices by year, tasks, expenses, top-billed customers, get multi-currency support, and a whole lot more.


There are seven invoicing templates for you to use on Invoicera. Additionally, this billing software also lets you create your own custom template when going through the invoice creation process. Invoicera allows you to create invoices online for services, items, and more. The system lets you set reminders, track payments, set billable hours, schedule invoices, create recurring invoices, track invoices, and more. In short, it’s good value for money when it comes to invoicing all around.


Invoicera, as a cloud-based invoicing software solution, makes it very easy to check incurred expenses. You can set task priorities and create estimates in Invoicera. In fact, the estimate management options are really great and can be done on the mobile app as well as on a desktop. Duplication and copying options make it a simple click of a button to convert estimates, create new ones for clients, and even auto-schedule estimates as well.

Contact Management

Invoicera is great if you want to accept payments directly and use it as a billing application. You can add credit memos, import clients, and more for strong payable management options. This part of the program allows you to add purchase orders, manage your contacts and include billing and shipping addresses where necessary.

Expense tracking

With the Invoicera platform, you can track your expenses and even add pictures of any receipts. It’s possible to attach billable expenses within the platform as well for a specific business. Expenses can be imported into Invoicera via .csv and .xls. Additionally, you can create and assign specific expense categories to both staff and clients as well.


While basic, Invoicera lets you track your products allowing items to be added alongside some basic information about them as well. You can use this feature to create an invoice and even do this when you have no stock.

Project Management

As part of the staff management options, projects and tasks can be created and assigned to different staff members. Recurring invoices, billable or unbillable time can be added to projects in Invoicera as well. Task priorities can also be set, and this is something that’s not commonly seen in other software management programs of this type.

Time Tracking

There is time tracking functionality in Invoicera, and this is in the form of a built-in timer and various time sheets. However, these do need to be streamlined and this is not something that’s fixable when getting in touch with customer support. Blocks of time cannot be added, only the total number of hours worked, which is not very intuitive.


There are 15 different types of reports available on Invoicera. These include options such as accounts receivable, client reports as well as various payment report options. Profit and loss reports can also be added, but there aren’t any of the usual invoice reports available on Invoicera, which is not so great.


Since Invoicera is cloud-based, this means that there is no download or installation required, which is a mark of some great software. You do need to meet specific hardware and software requirements though in order for this to work well. This goes for the free version as well as the paid plans.

However, Invoicera will operate on almost any device you can think of simply because it is cloud-based. All you need is an internal connection to be able to use this cloud based software solution. You will also need Adobe Flash in order to use it, and there are mobile apps available as long as you are running iOS 10.3 and above, or Android 4.1 and up.

Ease Of Use

One of the main selling points of Invoicera is that it is a way of simplifying the invoicing process. And yes, it does do just that. Of course, some streamlining and simplification would not go amiss, but it is great software especially if you are juggling multiple businesses from the same dashboard.

The process of actually setting up and creating an invoice is a speedy one on Invoicera. Additionally, you can use the help center if you have issues as there is a free webinar demo available. Of course, you can get in touch with the support team, but this can be a bit slow and is not available 24/7. Instead, it’s only operational during Indian business hours, which is far from ideal for US-based businesses.

What industries are ideal for Invoicera?

As is evidenced by the free trial and various payment plans on offer, Invoicera software is designed to actually be very flexible and scalable. It’s possible for businesses of all sizes to use the Invoicera free trial and take on multiple clients when online invoicing. The only downside for larger companies is that there is no live bank feed available. This means that if you need this for your online payments or online invoicing, then this software is not the right option for you. It’s also not great billing software if you must have third-party integrations unless we’re talking payment gateways.

Of course, as mentioned, you can add extra clients or team members, but this can cost a lot. As such, Invoicera is a great option for freelancers or small businesses that don’t necessarily intend to grow a huge customer base. It offers a truly simple and efficient way of automating the invoice approval workflow for many companies.

Payment gateways and integrations

When it comes to Invoicera invoicing and billing options, there’s actually a whole lot going on. There are 36 integration options, 31 of which are actually payment gateways. These include top options such as PayPal and Stripe. It’s truly impressive as Invoicera supports more gateways than most other invoicing software options. On top of that, there are API options for developers looking to fully integrate this billing solution into their small businesses.

Invoicera support team

Unfortunately, this is one of the areas where Invoicera falls down. The customer support team does not have a good reputation. It’s not available 24/7 and works on Indian hours. It did have a good email and ticket response for a period of time where the staff responded in a helpful and timely fashion. However, it’s back to being rather slow and unhelpful. There are a number of customer support options including phone, email, support ticket, and live chat, but the best way to get help is by using the really excellent free demo, which shows you how to use the multiple payment gateways, approve invoices, the general billing process, and much more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is a free plan or paid plans from $15 to $149 per month

Yes, staff, clients, estimates, and services can be exported via Excel.

Yes, if you are a freelancer or small business without the need for add-ons.

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