HourStack review 2023

Our Verdict

Having used this software in our company for a few weeks, we really feel it has a lot going for it. First of all, it was very easy to integrate with other tools. The Integration tool is simple to use and quickly allowed us to bring various applications together. Another thing that really stood out about HourStack was that the interface is very easy to understand. Projects are laid out in calendar form, so it allows users to quickly get an overview of each project. Overall, we really liked this tool. It did help to streamline our projects and allowed the team to develop a more collaborative approach to projects.


  • Great integrations tool
  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • Different payment plans to suit individuals or businesses


  • Slight lag sometimes on the app
  • Price plan is quite expensive

Free plan available


Subscription Price

Starting at $12 Per Month





 Expert Review

Very Good


Starting at $12 Per Month

24/7 Support


Mobile App




HourStack review 2023

The HourStack software helps you plan and execute your tasks. With HourStack, you can collaborate with your team transparently and easily schedule tasks in real-time. Read this HourStack review and find out how this software can track your daily schedule and accomplish other tasks.

What is HourStack Software?

The HourStack software is a visual calendar which you can use to accurately track the time of your team. You can also use this simple tool to track your team’s projects and tasks and generate actionable reports.

Business owners can customize HourStack to their workflow and also integrate it with their favorite tools like Asana, Google Calendar and Trello. What’s more, you can generate payroll from this software. This HourStack software review 2023 gives a complete picture of the platform, so read on to find out more.

Workspace and Team Features

HourStack offers a unique set of features related to project and task management. Business owners can use this easy-to-use tool to schedule and allocate resources, accurately track time, reporting, analysis of data, and team management.

Managing projects easily

This productivity tool is perfect for big and small business owners. Use HourStack to check tasks and projects from start to finish and also follow your team’s time. HourStack helps you collaborate efficiently with your team members, thereby keeping your company’s work organized.

What’s more, with HourStack, get a complete view of your workflow. you can switch easily between List View, Calendar View and Board View and visualize your workday.

With the HourStack productivity software, you can easily check each project’s progress, and deadlines thereby controlling cost overruns. Furthermore, you can integrate this app with other workspace tools and monitor your project holistically.

HourStack allows you to keep everyone in your team on the same page by describing each task or project, setting deadlines, adding notes, and other critical information. You can use the HourStack tool to assign tasks to your team members and make sure your project gets done in time.

Track time easily

HourStack can be used to check Asana tasks easily. With the aid of timers, you can check your progress visually and pull actionable reports for analysis. Get a detailed overview of your weekly, and monthly, performance with the HourStack reporting tool.

Scheduling and executing your tasks is easy with this application. Create a daily plan and optimize your schedule by blocking your day on this tool’s visual calendar. Users can focus on their immediate tasks and reduce distractions with HourStack’s visual calendar. What’s more, you can access this tool from anywhere.

You can monitor your time from a desktop or mobile. HourStack has browser extensions for Chrome, Edge, and Firefox, giving you extra flexibility in scheduling your tasks.


HourStack’s intuitive visual calendar allows you to schedule all of your and your team’s tasks in one central place. Import all your data from your calendar, Asana and other productivity tools to HourStack’s drag-and-drop calendar.

With this tool, you can view what your team is working on. Furthermore, you can utilize the HourStack scheduling software to assign tasks to your teams and check their progress.

By using this tool, you can stay on top of your budget and deadlines. Timelines and budgets can be set for your employees with confidence and progress can be measured objectively.


HourStack has a suite of solutions for the integration of third-party tools. These tools include Basecamp, Github, Firefox, ClickUp, Google Sheets and Chrome.

BitBucket is native integration via the Integrations tool. Once the integration is complete, simply drag and drop the BitBucket entries and insert them directly into the HourStack interface. You can access this data easily while monitoring your progress on a real-time basis.

With Firefox, you can manage your time across the entire web by embedding timers on your selected applications. You can generate and process your jobs on the go and stay updated with a real-time dashboard.

GitHub is a top resource for all those interested in coding. Pick your data from GitHub and drop it directly into the HourStack platform. When you are done creating your schedule, click the timer and see your progress on per week basis.

Microsoft users can also integrate easily with the HourStack app. Drag and drop all your data from Edge into HourStack and check the progress of your jobs with the click of a button.

The app allows you to pull out and drop projects directly from the HubSpot system and put them into HourStack. Tasks can then be assigned and the progress tracked. Similarly, you can manage your Monday job project directly through the web app using the HourStack Integrations tool.

HourStack also allows integration with Slack. With this integration, you can create listings in your schedule, control the timer for those listings and see the performance of your employees and teams at large.

Other integration tools to monitor your schedules, teams and employees are Trello, Wrike, Zapier, Todoist, Notion, and Outlook Calendar.

Reporting and analysis in HourStack software

Users can generate meaningful reports and see the real-time performance of their employees. HourStack’s built-in reports change your data into precious insights and tell you how your employees spend their time.

Furthermore, HourStack users can export their reports to clients in CSV Sheets and Excel formats.

Task Management from HourStack software

Assign and organize work to your employees and ensure it gets done on time. Using HourStack, you can assign Asana tasks, add task descriptions, and subtasks, and add deadlines. Business owners can also find any task name easily using the HourStack system. If the timer is set when creating your schedule, you can ensure that your projects are completed on time. What’s more, you can make your jobs as simple or complex as you want.


There are two pricing plans from HourStack – Team and Personal.

Team Plan

This plan has the following features:

  • The cost of this plan is $15 per member, per month. This amount is charged annually by the company.
  • Team reporting, scheduling and time tracking.
  • Customers can use this plan for unlimited team sizes and free workspace guests.
  • You can customize this pricing plan for specific roles and permissions.


If you have a small company, this plan is perfect for you.

  • $12 month, to be paid annually.
  • You can access all integrations
  • Customize all reports and exports.
  • Support is available on all days of the week.

Use cases

HourStack can be used by agencies, freelancers, individuals and consultants. This time-tracking tool can also be used by internal and remote groups, non-profits and individuals.

Agencies can utilize HourStack for collaborating with their clients and recording billable hours. Freelancers can get detailed metrics from this tool for accurate invoicing. They can also use HourStack for scheduling their various projects and to manage time. HourStack is a useful tool for non-profits as well. They can monitor their budgets on a per-week basis and collaborate with their partners.

Finally, students can get a lot of value from this software. They can organize their daily jobs and check how their week is going by looking at their time entries. Similarly, students can also keep a close check on their budgets.


To sum up, HourStack is a visual tool that helps you to monitor your jobs. With HourStack, you can collaborate with your colleagues and partners on a real-time basis. HourStack is a standalone app and can be integrated with various applications like Microsoft Edge, Trello, Sheets, Todoist, Slack and others.

There are two pricing plans for HourStack, each one catering to specific uses and audiences. HourStack has several target audiences for this time-tracking tool, such as large and small companies, non-profits, freelancers, and agencies. Even students can use this software for managing their work. Agencies can use HourStack for report and invoice generation. We hope this review has helped you understand the broader features of HourStack software.

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Frequently Asked Questions

HourStack is a productivity app that allows you and your employees to track time and collaborate. You can integrate this tool with other apps like Trello, Google Calendar, Todoist, Slack for report generation and other functions.

Yes, you can use HourStack to monitor the time that you and your teams devote to jobs. The HourStoack system has two pricing plans and is suitable for just about any project that you want to manage.

Start by making a list of priorities. Then, follow it up by setting goals and assigning priorities to your various jobs and projects. Utilize the HourStack time-tracking tool which is available on the market. Use this tool for scheduling and monitoring your progress.

You can add several tools with the HourStack. Keep pace with your jobs and schedules by adding Todoist, Slack, Trello, and Google Calendar. You can also integrate this platform with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge for superior results.

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