Hotspot Shield VPN Review 2023: How Good & Safe Is It?


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Hotspot Shield is famous for its fast speeds and extensive server network. It offers various plans, including a free plan with limited ads. Just be aware that most advanced features are only available to premium subscribers. I can say that free version users can’t access live support. They solely rely on FAQs and tutorials when it comes to customer support. Hotspot Shield works with most geo-restricted platforms and websites. It provides a quick streaming experience, allowing me to watch Netflix and torrent movies without lag. Likewise, it has additional security features. Recently, its parent company introduced an optional antivirus product as an add-on for a reasonable price. This is a great way to keep your devices protected and secure. I would recommend Hotspot Shield VPN. It’s a secure, reliable, and easy-to-use VPN service that offers great value for money. It offers a wide range of features, including unlimited bandwidth, fast speeds, easy setup, and advanced security features. It also offers a free version with limited features that are suitable for casual users. Overall, Hotspot Shield VPN is a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable and secure VPN service.


  • Comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee.
  • Features add-ons like password manager, kill switch, Split Tunneling, and DNS Filtering and Non-VPN Protection
  • Compatible with Android, Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, and routers
  • Free version available


  • Limited work or business use
  • No dedicated IP add-on
  • 24/7 support only offered for Premium account holders
  • Doesn’t offer multi-hop connections.

Free plan available


Subscription Price

Starting at $7.99 Per Month



Modern and intuitive website interface.


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Very Good


Starting at $7.99 Per Month

24/7 Support


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Hotspot Shield VPN Review 2023: How Good & Safe Is It?

As a public VPN service, Hotspot Shield is a great way to secure your connection by hiding your real IP address and location. With its fast speed and unlimited access, you can confidently browse the Internet without any worries about bans or limitations. Additionally, it ensures your WiFi security and privacy. It has been around since 2008. Its owner Aura is a company based in Boston, Massachusetts which focuses in a mission-driven approach.

Hotspot Shield has been under the same ownership since its establishment, which has been highly advantageous. Like other VPN services, it offers a free version with limited features. It also offers a paid version that provides full access to all its features.

On the other hand, Hotspot Shield Premium subscription is an expansive virtual server network with over 1,800 IP addresses worldwide. This makes it the perfect choice for those looking for diverse IP addresses. Additionally, you can easily access HBO Max, Hulu, and other major streaming services with it.

Hotspot Shield is one of the fastest VPNs available today, excelling in speed tests and achieving a near-perfect score. It’s also among the world’s most secure and reliable virtual private network service providers. This review explores Hotspot Shield VPN in detail. It will help you decide if Hotspot Shield is the right VPN.

Will Hotspot Shield Log My Data?

Hotspot Shield claims it doesn’t log your personal data or activities while you are using its service. It also uses military-grade encryption. This feature ensures that your data remains secure and private, even if someone were to intercept it. Hotspot Shield has a strict no-logging policy.

This means it doesn’t track what one does online or store any information about them. It ranks as one of the most secure VPN services today. However, the main question is, how safe & secure is it? It is said to provide optimal security standards. Additionally, it utilizes advanced protocols and encryption technology and ensures no DNS leaks to secure your digital activity.

Speed performance: Is Hotspot Shield fast?

Yes, Hotspot Shield’s speed is impressive. Multiple independent speed test websites have tested it, as it consistently ranks among the fastest VPN services available. In addition, Server Locations Hotspot Shield provides VPN servers in more than 70 countries worldwide. These include the US, UK, Japan, India, Australia, Canada, and China. This allows users to select the best server for their needs from different locations.

To get the most out of Hotspot Shield, conduct a speed test to evaluate your download and upload speeds. Tools like Speedtest helps you determine where your network needs improvement. From there, you can make the necessary adjustments. If your internet speeds aren’t as fast enough, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP). They can optimize your connection.

You can also use it to adjust the network settings. It gives you the best digital security with three different modes tailored to your device. You can choose the best one for your hardware through their easy-to-use app. Furthermore, if your device has IPv6 support, Hotspot Shield provides different configurations that you can use.

The different configurations

1. Basic protection

It guarantees to block data traffic from going between devices unless the data is encrypted or encapsulated within a VPN tunnel.

2. Advanced protection

It includes features such as NAT Firewall and DNS Leak Prevention for greater safety.

3. Ultra-protection

It goes beyond the features in the two previous security modes, adding perfect forward secrecy and double-hop encryption for maximum safety.

Are Hotspot Shield's Speeds Fast Enough for Gaming? It Depends.

Many gamers are after a reliable VPN service to ensure best speeds for their gaming needs. Hotspot Shield is one of the most popular VPN services, but does it provide fast enough speeds for gaming? It depends on the server locations, the number of servers available, and other features like a Kill Switch. Hotspot Shield offers users a wide range of server locations and speeds. As a result, it’s important to know if these speeds are fast enough for gaming.

There are two types of servers assigned to gaming. One type, Gaming mode, can provide you with the speeds you need to enjoy a smooth gaming experience. The other type of server, Streaming mode, gives you decent speeds but nothing spectacular. This may be suitable if you use the VPN service on your home PC or laptop rather than a PC on which you game on regularly.

However, we recommend switching to Gaming mode if you want better performance when using the VPN for gaming. To do so, click on the “Gaming” option from the app. Hotspot Shield is becoming popular in gaming. This is due to its exceptional speeds and low ping. Its mobile app primarily focuses on gaming-related tasks.

Your Privacy With Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield VPN protects your personal information from hackers, snoopers, and other malicious activities. To ensure your privacy, it uses a combination of encryption protocols to secure your connection. This means your data is encrypted when sent over the internet. It prevents anyone from reading or modifying it. Hotspot Shield also offers the ability to conceal your IP address. This way, websites and advertisers can’t track your online activity.

Hotspot Shield claims to log a user’s IP address during their VPN session. Here’s a list summarizing the information that Hotspot Shield logs:

  • Browsing Activity: Yes
  • Device Information: Yes
  • DNS Queries: No
  • Individual Bandwidth Usage: Yes
  • ISP: No
  • Individual Connection Timestamps: Yes
  • Number of Simultaneous Connections: No
  • Originating IP Address: Yes
  • VPN Server IP: No
  • Account Information: Yes
  • VPN Server Location: Yes
  • Date of Last Connection: No

As one can see, it maintains detailed logs of private and identifiable data, including the actual IP address. Beware that your bandwidth usage, connection timestamps, VPN server location, and originating location will be logged and stored by them indefinitely. Tracking your online activities is possible but in a stealthy manner. Thus, it’s impossible to link them to your account.

This is a great option for those looking for basic online security. Even with limited access and bandwidth, the encrypted tunnel still provides better safety measures. Students on a budget can benefit from this free service. However, if you use the free version, data may be shared with third-party advertisers. Thus, making it less private than a premium subscription.

Hotspot Shield Features

The Hotspot Shield VPN is equipped with numerous features that are vital for a VPN, such as:

1. DNS Filtering and Non-VPN Protection

All plans, including the free version, include DNS Filtering and Non-VPN Protection. This allows you to block inappropriate and harmful content from being accessed on your device. The feature provides increased security and peace of mind.

2. Kill Switch

If you opt for the paid plan, you get a kill switch feature that automatically disconnects your internet if your VPN drops out. This ensures that any data transmitted isn’t discoverable if your connection experiences a sudden disruption.

3. Smart VPN (Split Tunneling)

It gives users the option for split tunneling. This is useful in accessing certain websites and services encrypted with your connection while leaving some unencrypted. The same is true when you need to switch between a website or service that requires a VPN connection and one that restricts access due to the usage of a VPN.

Hotspot Shield's VPN Protocols

The VPN company supports two main VPN Protocols: OpenVPN and IPsec (IKEv2). OpenVPN provides a secure, reliable connection with a higher level of encryption, making it the preferred protocol for many users. IPsec is also an excellent protocol and is more suitable for devices that don’t support OpenVPN. It’s also more secure, faster, and reliable than other protocols.

Initially, Hotspot Shield employed the OpenVPN protocol. However, it turned out that it caused increased latency. Therefore, they decided to invest in Catapult Hydra, which effectively resolved this issue and drastically improved performance without compromising security. Unfortunately, OpenVPN isn’t available for desktop applications but for routers only.

Privacy advocates may not be happy with Catapult Hydra not being an open-source product. However, reputed companies like McAfee, Telefonica, and Bitdefender already use this tool, which adds to its reliability in terms of security. Luckily, routers support OpenVPN.

The support website offers comprehensive instructions to help with installation. This allows you to quickly and easily benefit from top-level security. Additionally, Hotspot Shield has a proprietary VPN protocol, making it one of the fastest VPNs available today. It’s a huge plus for users who require quick and reliable internet access.

Finally, Hotspot Shield offers two distinct protocols in advanced settings. These are:

1. Catapult Hydra

It’s an encryption protocol developed by Hotspot Shield based on OpenSSL.

2. OpenVPN

It’s a widely-used protocol utilized by HTTPS websites. Its possibly the reason for their impeccable performance. However, only a few details are known.

Hotspot Shield's logging policy needs work

The Hotspot Shield’s logging policy isn’t as clear as it could be, and they have been accused of logging user data. They have recently allowed users to opt out of certain data collection activities. Thus, it’s important to read their latest policies carefully to ensure that your data isn’t being logged.

By using Hotspot Shield, you can be sure that all of your browsing data is secure, thanks to their clear zero-log policy. Furthermore, it doesn’t log your browsing data, and your IP address is deleted once you end the VPN session. This gives you complete privacy and anonymity.

A no-logs policy is essential when evaluating the security of a VPN. This policy ensures that the company doesn’t retain any identifying information about its users. It also ensures that it won’t be able to surrender any data, even after request. Many competitors have been audited and verified for their no-logs policies. For instance such as NordVPN and SurfsharkHowever, Hotspot Shield’s policy is less stringent.

The VPN Company maintains a log of the domain names accessed by the users. However, this data can’t be linked back to any particular user. They guarantee that no URLs are stored or logged. In addition, it keeps track of the bandwidth usage for VPN sessions, locations of the VPN servers used and assigns a “hash” to your device. This “hash” is a randomly generated ID when you start one of their VPN apps.

Device hashes don’t tie your VPN browsing activity or identity to them. However, they can be used to analyze the behavior of individual users. In its 2019 transparency report, the VPN Company declared that it has never disclosed information about its users to governments, law enforcement agencies, or third parties.

Hotspot Shield's kill switch

The Hotspot Shield’s Windows App comes with a built-in Kill Switch Feature. It enables users to ensure their data remains safe from prying eyes. A screenshot of the app is available for reference. This security feature kicks in to protect your data as it cuts off all incoming and outgoing internet traffic in case your VPN disconnects unexpectedly, mainly due to poor internet.

This ensures that no confidential information gets passed on. Beware that this feature isn’t enabled by default; you need to switch it on manually in the advanced settings. Otherwise, your ISP could track your IP address and associate it with any VPN activity if the VPN connection drops at any time.

Hotspot Shield’s Kill Switch runs in the background without you even knowing it is there. All you have to do is turn it on during setup, and it will automatically protect your devices whenever it is running. No configurations or complex settings to fiddle with. It’s just simple and secure security that works! While you can activate a kill switch for Android mobile devices to protect transmitted data, this functionality isn’t available in the iOS app.

Switching the feature off allows you to use your internet connection normally, even if your VPN isn’t connected. If you switch it on, no data will be sent unless your VPN is connected. For those who want to maximize the security of a VPN service, a kill switch is essential. However, Smart VPN (split tunneling) is the most powerful tool. It can decide which apps or URL domains should be routed through a VPN connection and which ones should bypass it.

Hands On With Hotspot Shield for MacOS

Hotspot Shield is available for a variety of platforms, including MacOS. You can access the app by signing up for the free or premium service on the Hotspot Shield’s website, or you can get it from the Apple Appstore. Hotspot Shield VPN’s MacOS app has a modern, dark interface, similar to iOS app.

Connecting to a VPN is easy; you only have to select the country or city from the bottom of the screen. Alternatively, click on the big blue button in its center, and you’re ready! Hotspot Shield VPN’s latest Mac version, 2.85, is now available for Mac users with 64-bit devices! If you already have the app, it’ll automatically update to the latest version. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to secure your data and browse the web safely.

Torrenting with Hotspot Shield carries risks

Hotspot Shield is an excellent choice for torrenting. It has strong security measures, no IP address leakage, and supports P2P data across all its 1,800 servers. Furthermore, it provides incredibly fast speeds and doesn’t limit data usage. However, this doesn’t offer complete anonymity, as it’ll store records of the duration of your VPN sessions and the servers you accessed.

While Hotspot Shield may protect you from some risks associated with torrenting, it doesn’t guarantee total privacy and security. There is always a risk of exposing your identity and monitoring your activity. This mainly occurs when using an unsecure connection or downloading copyrighted material.

Hotspot Shield lacks transparency in its private VPN protocol. This makes it difficult to recommend as a safe and secure option for peer-to-peer (P2P) sharing. In addition, its logging policy isn’t as comprehensive regarding privacy. If you’re looking for greater protection while torrenting, there are more secure VPNs on the market.

While Hotspot Shield provides unrestricted access to P2P traffic, its logging policy and lack of a kill switch for macOS are of genuine concern. Furthermore, the average download bitrate is significantly lower than other VPNs, and port forwarding is unavailable. Unfortunately, the free version doesn’t support torrenting and only offers 500 MB of data usage daily.

Furthermore, it’s based in the US, providing an extra layer of concern since it’s a member of the Five Eyes surveillance group, which could potentially gain access to customers’ information by force or legally. This may make you question whether you can fully trust Hotspot Shield.

Can I Use Netflix with Hotspot Shield?

Yes! Hotspot Shield VPN provides a secure connection when browsing online, enabling you to access geo-restricted content, such as Netflix. It’s a great way to avoid throttling, maximize streaming speed, and access content that may be restricted in your region. It works in conjunction with your Netflix account for maximum convenience.

Recently, streaming services have been taking a harder stance on VPN connections, and it’s become complicated to find a dependable one that can easily bypass geographical restrictions. Fortunately, Hotspot Shield was able to handle the crackdown and continues to provide an efficient Netflix VPN service. This is a significant achievement since Netflix is one of the most challenging streaming platforms to access with a VPN. However, Hotspot Shield unblocked US content for us effortlessly.

Download Speed Tests

Hotspot Shield is famous for its fast and reliable speeds, regardless of your chosen server. You can stream in HD or browse the internet without any problems, provided you test a few different nearby VPN servers to find the optimum speeds. Download speed tests vary depending on the user’s location, device, internet, and server they are connected to.

Forbes testing revealed that Hotspot Shield had an average download speed of 240.28 Mbps and an average upload speed of 35.74 Mbps. Generally, Hotspot Shield users have reported download speeds ranging from 12 Mbps to over 100 Mbps. Hotspot Shield VPN offers incredibly fast speeds, revolutionizing how we use the internet.

We owe this to the Catapult Hydra protocol, a remarkable breakthrough in data encryption innovation. Ookla gave this VPN the speed badge for a good reason. Its download speed varies between 1-28%, with an average of 15%. Although its upload speed is lower, it still performs outstanding, with a range of 0-95% and an average reduction of 80%.

Hotspot Shield Free Version

The VPN provides a reliable VPN service completely free of charge. However, the daily data transfer is limited to 500 MB, connection speeds to 2Mbps, and you can only access one location (USA). Thus, it’s perfect for those looking for a budget-friendly option. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with split tunneling, a feature that would be beneficial in reducing the VPN’s bandwidth usage.

The free version has been downloaded over 800 million times. It has been featured by renowned publications such as Forbes, CNET, CNN, and The New York Times. Additionally, Hotspot Shield Free has a much smaller server network than the Premium version. It hosts servers in New York (U.S. East Coast), Los Angeles (U.S. West Coast), the UK, and Singapore.

For Hotspot’s free Android app, head to the Google Play Store. Search for Hotspot Shield free, click ‘Install’, and you’re all set! Getting Hotspot’s free iOS app is easy! Go to the App Store, click the search icon at the top of the screen, type in ‘Hotspot Shield free’, select Hotspot VPN and Wi-Fi Proxy, and click Install.

It’s that simple! Unfortunately, Hotspot Shield Free won’t allow you to access Netflix. You’ll be blocked by a paywall and prompted to upgrade to the premium subscription. On the flip side, Hotspot Shield is one of the few services that provide direct access to the Chinese internet and a virtual Chinese server, allowing you to obtain a Chinese IP address. This way, you can easily connect to China without any issues.

Hotspot Shield offers 1,800 servers in 80 countries

As a leading VPN, Hotspot Shield boasts an impressive selection of 1,800 virtual servers spanning 80 countries. This is one of the few VPNs less Western-centric and offers considerable coverage for regions such as South America, the Middle East, and Asia. In contrast, the free version is limited to only four countries, as mentioned above.

Besides the usual server locations in North America and Europe, Hotspot Shield has several options in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. It’s worth noting that there are also servers in Algeria, Bhutan, Pakistan, Nepal, and Peru—something not many other VPNs offer. Seven countries offer city-level services: Australia, Canada, France, Italy, Spain, the UK, and the US.

Hotspot Shield keeps their number of IP addresses private. However, it offers servers in many countries to provide virtual IPs. Accessing geo-restricted content can be done without hardware installation in the location.

Hotspot Shield’s servers’ networks are shared with TouchVPN, Betternet, and VPN360. This could also lead to congestion of servers due to the network’s many users. Hotspot Shield premium users should have the assurance that they get exclusive access to the network. It isn’t fair for free VPN users to have access to the same network.

Hotspot Shield works with Disney+ and BBC iPlayer

Having a premium Hotspot Shield unblocks most of the major streaming services that are geo-restricted, such as BBC iPlayer and Disney+. However, you should try a few servers before getting success. Hotspot Shield Free isn’t conducive for streaming purposes as its performance is subpar. It can’t unlock any streaming services. It’s important to note that any VPN is likely to cause a drop in your internet connection speed.

Security features are essential, but that often comes with a trade-off when it comes to speed. The actual speed you’ll receive with a VPN depends on several components. These include the server you’re linked to, its distance from your physical location and the device used. Furthermore, Hotspot Shield offers guidance and advice on how to get the best out of your VPN connection when online. This includes adjusting the VPN settings for optimal performance.

Hydra VPN: Hotspot Shield's unique connection protocol

Hotspot Shield asserts that their new Hydra tech is more reliable and faster than traditional methods. This technology reduces transmission lags and bandwidth utilization without compromising security. Using it gives you a safe connection with a shorter wait time. Even more impressive is that it can provide connection speeds up to 2.4 times faster than OpenVPN, even over long distances.

Hotspot Shield gives a glimpse into the functioning of Hydra without going into too much detail. Currently, it’s based on TLS (Transport Layer Security) 1.2 security protocol. It incorporates advanced encryption techniques such as AES-256 and AES-128 and 2048-bit RSA certificates for server verification. Furthermore, Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman (ECDHE) provides secure communications with perfect forward secrecy.

How much does Hotspot Shield cost monthly?

There is a range of Hotspot Shield subscription plans, including a free version. However, you can upgrade to one of their two paid plans if you need more features and protection. Here is a comparison to help you understand hotspot shield’s prices.


The Basic plan is an ideal beginning point as it’s free. The primary drawback of this pack is the maximum speed of 2 Mbps. Also, it restricts you to one virtual location, while the advanced ones provide access to over 125 virtual locations.


The Premium plan is an upgrade that offers plenty of savings. You’ll only have to pay $7.99 per month in the first year instead of $12.99 monthly, and you can even connect up to five devices. The Premium plan is ideal, as it offers one member account. Additionally, you’ll have access to 24/7 live chat and the ability to contact customer support with questions. It’s the best plan for streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, and more.

Premium Family

The Premium Family plan gives you a discount when you pay annually. The first year will cost $11.99 per month instead of $19.99 per month — saving you $8 per month! It offers the ability to have up to five members in your family and link up to 25 devices, with a limit of five per person.

Hotspot Shield Customer Support

The Hotspot Shield customer support website is a great resource if you have any difficulty. You can find helpful guides and answers to your frequently asked questions there. It should always be your first port of call when attempting to solve any issue. Premium subscribers get round-the-clock live chat assistance, while free users must rely on online tutorials and FAQs for support.

If you ever find yourself needing to look up a specific issue, there is an extensive knowledge base available that can provide answers to your questions. Hotspot Shield divides its tutorials into four platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. With their simple and direct instructions, anyone can easily get started, including free users. It’s important to note that they don’t have any phone customer service options.

VPN apps for desktop, mobile and Android TV

Hotspot Shield offers apps for desktop and mobile devices and an Android TV app. Its desktop and mobile apps provide secure, encrypted connections to the internet. On the other hand, its Android TV app allows users to access streaming services.

Android TV app

The Android TV app allows users to access streaming services, such as Netflix and Hulu, in countries with restricted access. Hotspot Shield also offers malware protection, ad blocking, and data compression features.

Smart TVs with the Google Play Store can download the Hotspot Shield app. Similarly, you’ll find the app in Amazon’s store if you own a Fire TV Stick. Additionally, you can access Hotspot Shield if your television has its own Fire TV.

Not having a compatible smart TV or Fire TV Stick shouldn’t be an issue. You can use an Android TV box to get the Hotspot Shield app and connect it to virtually any TV you want.

Mobile and Desktop Apps

Hotspot Shield’s desktop apps are easy to use and offer basic customization options. Although Hotspot Shield’s mobile apps provide less functionality, they are simple and reliable for quick anonymity. The iOS app has limited features but is sufficient for most basic needs to keep you anonymous.

Regarding customer service, you can utilize the full range of options, such as live chat, email, and an extensive knowledge base, for quick and effective solutions.

Hotspot Shield simplifies internet access on mobile devices. You can select a server from the list with the same settings menu as desktop devices with just one click.

A critical difference between desktop and mobile applications is that mobile versions offer streaming and gaming server capabilities. The iOS and Android apps provide a similar user experience regarding smoothness and usability. They are virtually indistinguishable from one another.

Hotspot Shield has added an extra layer of security to their iOS version — the Always-On VPN. This ensures you’re protected while using apps or browsing websites, and no data leakage is possible.

The Hotspot Shield App

Hotspot Shield Android and iOS apps have an attractive, simple design that users can quickly learn. Besides, they are nearly identical to the desktop client version. It provides users with a familiar experience. All iOS users will enjoy the same security features as their Android counterparts, such as identity scanning, a password manager, and a spam-call blocker.

HotSpot Shield’s Android app works in creating VPN connections. Although it might be confusing, it has custom profiles catering to different VPN usage, such as browsing, streaming, and gaming. In addition, the Android app has a user-friendly and intuitive interface like its desktop version.

Hotspot Shield’s VPN for Android has a darker, sleeker design with a large, round connection button at the center of the display. People can easily get hands-on experience with it. After connecting to a VPN server through the app, you can get information such as the IP address, the server load, and latency. This enables you to choose a suitable one for your needs.

The Hotspot Shield Mac client has a much simpler design as it lacks the complex features of its Windows app counterpart. Nevertheless, it still provides many of the same essential services. The Hotspot Shield’s app for macOS is still relatively simple and offers a convenient one-touch connection button. However, it doesn’t have the VPN kill switch and domain bypass feature.

The paid version of the VPN offers complete privacy and guarantees no logs. Using the free version could potentially result in some of your activities being recorded. The free app has ads; to do this, they track your approximate location at a city level. Information like the device’s advertising ID, IMEI, MAC address, and wireless carrier are trackable. If privacy is essential, avoid using their free client.

Browser extensions

The Hotspot Shield Browser Extension is a free extension that allows you to browse the web securely and anonymously. It blocks ads, hides your IP address, and serves as a password manager. If you like Proxy add-ons, you’ll find the Chrome and Firefox Hotspot Shield browser extensions enjoyable.

The Browser Extensions contain some security features like other Hotspot Shield apps. These include protection against data leakage and blockers for malware, advertisements, cookies, and trackers. This extension allows users to specify what they want to block using an unspecified tunneling protocol. This grants them a high level of control. One of the most impressive features of a proxy is the ability to specify certain websites that will remain secure even when the proxy connection is inactive.

Hotspot Shield's apps are simple and user-friendly

The Hotspot Shield apps are simple and user-friendly because they have intuitive and straightforward interfaces. This makes them easy for users to navigate and use the application. The app also offers a variety of helpful features—for instance, the ability to customize security settings and manage connections.

Installing Hotspot Shield is a simple and quick process. You can have it up and running on your laptop and phone quickly. Setting up this app will take little effort, even if you are new to using VPNs. Access the “Products” page on the Hotspot Shield website to simplify the setup process. This manual outlines all the necessary steps to complete your setup, making things much easier for you.

After subscription, you can use the live chat support feature within the Hotspot Shield app. The application provides users with helpful information without visiting the Hotspot Shield website. It also displays the most commonly asked questions. This is the place to get quick answers to your queries. For further assistance, hit the contact button to open a live chat session in the app.

Even though the settings section may be limited, it contains some handy tools. You can choose your preferred VPN protocol from the Protocols section. Alternatively, you can go with the default settings.

Hotspot Shield's router support

This is compatible with many popular routers like Linksys and Netgear. To use it with these routers, you must install open-source firmware, like DD-WRT or FreshTomato. Installing Hotspot Shield on your router is simple.

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Get a compatible router. You can either head to the store or purchase a pre-installed router with Hotspot Shield. Otherwise, you can check whether your current router is compatible.
  2. Upgrade to the Premium version and sign in with your account. This will give you access to all the great features only Premium members can access.
  3. Get instructions for setting up a VPN. You can visit your account’s router page for router VPN files and setup guides.

The significant features of Hotspot Shield router VPN

  • It keeps all your devices secure without worrying about which ones don’t have VPN apps. Automatically, it protects every device on your Wi-Fi network, from smartphones and laptops to tablets, IoT devices, gaming consoles, and even smart TVs.
  • Your Router Protection subscription lets you connect one router and up to five devices simultaneously to stay safe anywhere. You’ll receive VPN apps for your mobile phone, laptop and other gadgets — all under a single account.
  • It keeps your family safe and sound by eliminating the need for them to remember to turn on their VPN. Secure your Wi-Fi network and rest easy, knowing your family members are adequately secure.
  • Helps you to stay connected to the world with global internet access. Choose from thousands of servers in over 80 countries and 35 cities, enabling you to access content anywhere.
  • It keeps your data secure with our military-grade encryption. We have built-in malware and phishing protection for added security against cyber predators, so you can browse online without fear of someone tracking you.

Hotspot Shield's Windows client

This VPN’s Windows client is a powerful tool for protecting your online activity and ensuring privacy and security. It provides a secure connection to the Internet. This allows you to access websites and services that may be blocked in your country or region. Furthermore, it protects you from malicious websites and other cyber threats.

Hotspot Shield’s Windows client provides users access to blocked content. It also includes features such as an ad-blocker, malware protection, access to streaming services, and more. In addition to the standard Hotspot Shield Windows client, Hotspot Shield provides a browser extension known as “Hotspot Shield VPN Proxy”. It’s available for browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. The Chrome extension operates on both Windows and OS X computers.

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