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Hive Review 2023: Features, Pricing & Integrations


Our Verdict

Hive is one of the world’s intentional platforms when it concerns helping teams with project management. With all its benefits, teams have no issues planning and executing projects. Let’s get into the review


  • Several project layouts/views
  • Numerous use cases
  • Free Plan with several benefits


  • Flexible add-ons cost extra
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Free plan available


Subscription Price

Starting at $12 Per user



Kanban, Gantt, Table


 Expert Review

Very Good


Starting at $12 Per user

24/7 Support


Mobile App




What is Hive?

Hive is a project management platform for all team types. It helps teams plan, work, and achieve set goals faster. The project management software is also highly effective as it eases work processes.

Hive is famous for its five benefits – project management, goal setting, teamwork, visibility, and analytics. This tool helps companies manage projects, tasks, notes, requests, approvals, and deadlines from a single source. As you use Hive, your team will create simple workflows, helping them to overtake tedious and complex work processes. Likewise, you can assign multiple team members to a single or different project(s) at a time. Similarly, you can assign external users to projects and conversations with clients and customers.

Goal setting and achievement become easy with Hive. Hive helps you reach the goals you’ve planned for. The tool allows you to track goals in real-time and optimize them. You can also automate goal tracking.

Using Hive accelerates your team’s ability to collaborate and improve teamwork. Through Hive, timesheets and time tracking, team resourcing, etc., get better. It also helps you turn boring meetings into interactive sessions, connect through video, and turn talking points into actions.

As you use Hive, there’s increased visibility into projects and related data. It helps you track progress, view team schedules, color-code projects, view assigned team members, and project status. The visibility feature enables you to achieve all these from a central location and anywhere in the world.

The Analytics capacity of this tool allows you to visualize project progress. It offers 24/7 reporting and project status updates, preventing manual visualization requests.

Project Layouts/Views on Hive

    1. Gantt View


Hive offers a graphical picture of your team’s tasks and timelines. This helps you to plan projects, track baselines, and execute them. The Gantt View also gives you a clear picture of tasks assigned and who they are assigned to.

    1. Kanban View

The Kanban view gives your projects a card view which is highly effective for project management. The layout is often divided into 3, helping you separate tasks based on status. On Hive, you can label tasks as ‘Unstarted,’ ‘In Progress,’ and ‘Completed.’ You can change a task’s status by using the drag-and-drop feature.

    1. Table View

Hive’s table View is like a spreadsheet view of tasks and other details. It displays a task, the status, and the assigned team member. The table can be sorted or filtered. For instance, task order, status, and assignees can change. This means a task might be moved to a later time, changed to ‘Unstarted,’ and may be assigned to a new person.

    1. Calendar View

All tasks are color-coded on your calendar with this view. This way, you can view all tasks alongside their deadlines. The view shows up to six weeks of tasks.

    1. Portfolio View


This view gives you a birds-eye-view of projects, their status, and labels. When you add a project, you can set the status and label it according to the theme or team (department) handling it.

    1. My Actions 


My Actions view groups your projects by activities. It can group all projects into ‘to-do,’ ‘snoozed,’ ‘assigned,’ etc.

    1. Team View


With the team view, you’ll see all the team members in your company at a glance. Also, you’ll see the projects they are working on and their status.

Hive Features

Hive comes with many mind-blowing features that will make project management effortless. Let’s examine them.

    1. Project Management 


Hive is a central location to manage all projects and execute key initiatives. It categorizes projects in flexible hierarchies – tasks and subtasks. The tool also allows seamless agile management through sprints and agile scoring. It helps to define project importance, allocate resources to team members, and track the availability of team members.


With HiveMind, you can access AI suggestions to help speed up project execution. It gives you creative ideas on what tasks to create and activities to engage in to execute a big project.

The project management feature helps your team members to communicate effectively. You can communicate across tasks, projects, notes, and comment on cards. Likewise, you can attach files, tag a team member when necessary, and request approvals.

    1. Collaboration


Hive is great for connecting with your team (on-site, remote, or hybrid). You can communicate with your teammates in a private chat, group, or project message. Team members can also indicate their availability status as away or busy.


Similarly, you can create a Hive Form to collect necessary information from your team members and clients. It’s also useful for submitting bugs, gathering project details, and collecting orders. Learn how to create a Hive Form here.

In addition, Hive collaboration features help you hold video meetings with your team members. This can be through Hive video chat or Zoom, and Google Meet.

As a collaboration material, Hive Notes also works effectively for taking notes during and after meetings. You can sync it with your calendar for every team member to view.

    1. Time Management


The Hive project management platform helps you to manage time productively. It enables you to plan projects, suggest ideas creatively, track time, and allocate resources when due. This keeps you on track and ensures you miss no deadlines.

Also, the time management functionality allows you to record and submit timesheets, create project baselines, and allocate resources. Also, you can view workspace activity, track projects, and organize meetings through the team scheduler.

    1. Customization

You don’t have to use or leave every feature on Hive as is. Hive is customizable, so use it to your advantage. Use existing project templates or create new ones for your team. Likewise, you can add your company’s logo, choose notification type & where to receive it, and use existing emojis or add new ones to your chat.

    1. Automation

Eliminate manual work processes and increase efficiency with Hive automation. This feature also gives room for integration. You can get ideas for automating your workspace from the Hive Automate Library.

    1. Analytics


Get project insights without stress. You don’t have to be a certified data analyst to make meaning of project data; Hive will help you. Hive can help monitor and show you late tasks, budget & resource issues so that you can fix them on time. Similarly, you can export and share data with clients or other external collaborators.

    1. AI Assist


Earlier, I mentioned how HiveMind uses AI to create project execution steps. Meanwhile, with the assistance of this feature, you can also help you create numerous content. They include blog posts, how-to guides, newsletters, website copies, press releases, job descriptions, etc.

    1. Hive Apps

Work gets faster and more productive through the Hive app. Also, the app gives you a more personalized experience and helps you receive notifications without delay. Hive apps are available in different forms;

    • Mobile App: The mobile app helps you access your Hive account without carrying your laptop or getting to your desktop. It aids a more effective collaboration with other team members. Also, it can help you to add & manage tasks, share documents and other file types, make comments, and send messages. Get it on PlayStore or Apple Store.

    • Desktop App:  Use the Hive app on your desktop (Windows or Mac) without a browser. On the desktop, you can use the app to access needed integrations, receive prompt notifications, and operate faster.

    • Browser: Open the Hive app in your browser and get to work without hitches. Using the app through your browser allows you to access your account fast. Likewise, it delivers Hive services to you in multiple languages. This offers an excellent advantage if you have a culturally-diverse team.

Hive Integrations

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Asana is a web-based project management tool that helps teams collaborate and stay organized.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t collect credit card information during free trials. So you won’t be charged automatically. We will only collect your card details when you want to upgrade.

Upgrading can happen whenever you realize Hive is the best solution for your team. You don’t have to wait till the fourteenth day to upgrade.

We accept all major credit cards. For certain amounts, we also take check payments and bank transfers.

Hive has discounts for not-for-profit organizations. To get your discount code, contact our sales team.

You’ll pay an extra $5 for proofing, approvals & approvals reporting, timesheets, team resourcing, analytics, automation, SSO, enterprise security and control, and external users.

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