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Deputy is one of the most effective all-around shift schedulers we’ve tried. It includes extra human resources capabilities that may be sufficient for some small to medium-sized firms. Deputy offers a limited free plan to consumers, with standard paid subscriptions beginning at $3.50 per employee. The software also offers a lower-cost flex plan for organizations that do not schedule their entire team each week. Below are some pros and cons of this software.


  • Simple installation, excellent customer service
  • Multiple locations are supported.
  • Offers intuitive mobile apps for Android and iOS.
  • Reduced pricing for those who just have a few people on their calendars.


  • The free plan has restricted functionality.
  • Some customers have reported integration issues.

Free plan available


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Starting at $3.5 Per user



regularly updated and user-friendly


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Very Good


Starting at $3.5 Per user

24/7 Support


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Deputy review

As a complete solution for time tracking, Deputy enables you to manage your staff and the bottom line quickly. First, the software lets you cut wage costs with state-of-the-art employee scheduling. It even lets you efficiently meet critical labor laws for the welfare of your employees. Even better, Deputy has a well-designed mobile app that helps you manage your entire payroll system easily on the go.

In this Deputy review, we’ll look at all these functions and new features in more detail. Read on to discover more about this powerful tool for workforce management.

Employee scheduling

This is one of the most used features of the platform. It helps you to scale your business performance management. The staff scheduling feature takes only minutes to set up but saves you hours of productive time.

Adjust your prepared workforce management schedules by dragging and dropping shifts or by using a template. You can create labor costs, breaks, hour allocation, and more rules with Deputy. It also checks your employees’ availability to avoid booking them on their day off or when they’re on their Personal Time Off (PTO). Furthermore, Deputy also keeps track of credentials, alerting you to a candidate’s suitability if you require someone with specific qualifications.

Like most scheduling tools, Deputy enables you to publish open shifts and permits staff to swap hours as necessary.

Cost mitigation

With Deputy, users receive a 30-day free trial. You don’t need a credit card for this trial. The minimum subscription for Deputy; Scheduling is $3.50 monthly per user. Features include unlimited monthly shifts, auto-scheduling, PTO and leave management, and point-of-sale (POS) integration, among others. Notably, subscribing to this plan gets you SMS & email push notifications.

Another plan available is the Time & Attendance for $3.50 monthly per user. This plan features unlimited monthly timesheets, payroll integration, POS integration, and PTO & leave management. Additionally, you will get performance & journaling, a time clock (Biometric & Geolocation capture), and Custom Timesheet Fields.

The Premium plan is available at $4.90 per user, billed monthly. It is the most popular plan that offers every feature found on both the Scheduling and Time & Attendance plans.

For businesses with 250 or more employees, Deputy provides an enterprise plan. This plan has custom pricing, and you can contact Deputy for more specific pricing.

Improved compliance

Employees can fill up notes or remarks, or shift questions can be created if you need to collect data from each shift. They can be anything, from asking about a person’s health before they clock in to recording tips, sales, or inventory when they clock out.

With the health screening questionnaires, you will be notified if any team member is ill. Consequently, it will be simple to identify which co workers they may have had contact with. This allows you also to take preventative measures to stop the spread of the illness.

Adhering to the scheduling guidelines can prevent swap shifts overlap or “clopening.” It can determine the amount of pay necessary for overtime work, such as on holidays. If you need to make a last-minute change, Deputy makes you comply with fair workweek rules by recording work schedule amendments, determining the necessary predictability pay, and obtaining employee approval.

Interestingly, you can keep all your data per user in one location via Deputy. For example, you can use it to undertake labor cost analysis, estimate demand to optimize personnel, and receive a clear picture of expenses and earnings. This will help you run the reports for legal compliance, schedule staff, attendance tracking, performance evaluations, and feedback.

Custom scheduling

Although you log in to the same home screen for employees, you can access more functions as a manager, business owner, and system administrator. For example, as a restaurant manager, you can give instructions to individual employees or more staff for that day’s shift scheduling in the News Feed or Tasks areas (e.g., “Come to an all-hands meeting today at 5 p.m. in the break room”).

The core features of Deputy are a list of locations, an employee database, reports, and a scheduling module. Regardless of what you are doing in the program, all these features are displayed on a main navigation bar across the top of the screen. Small businesses with a few offices and staff members can easily set up a new account and manually enter all the necessary data. Larger companies can import existing personnel data from POS and payroll suppliers like Intuit QuickBooks Online Plus, Gusto, BambooHR, ADP, and Square using People > Add People > Import.

Use Locations

Click ‘Add Location’ to input locations, then fill in the fields for a name and street address. This will generate a Google Maps view that will appear on shifts as directed. Additional prompts will require you to assign specific job categories and personnel to a location (cashier, driver, server, and supervisor).

You can start making schedules once the system has personnel and location data. When creating shifts in Deputy, you can use Schedule > Copy Shifts to copy or import shifts from a previous period. These shortcuts help to make what can be a somewhat tricky process a little straightforward.

The default Weekly view shows a grid of the days of the week and the positions that need to be filled for each day. It also lists all employees permitted to work at that location, running along the far left column.

A pop-up window will appear when you click the “plus” symbol in any cell. This allows you to create a new shift, set start & finish periods, break times, choose a manager, and write notes.

Leave tracking

Deputy also lets you efficiently reduce employee fatigue or downtime. This is possible because you can track the maximum time an employee can work over a day or week. Deputy’s leave management compliance feature is an effective tool for guaranteeing worker efficiency and top-notch customer service. Employers can use this tool to plan the appropriate breaks for their staff, both paid and unpaid.

Deputy automatically provides a push notification about impending breaks to ensure staff members never forget to take breaks. Additionally, the software provides break templates that adhere to state law and specify the length of each shift’s break.

User interface

After signing in to Deputy’s dashboard, you are greeted by a neatly organized user interface. A blue horizontal ribbon at the top of the page controls navigation. Locations, Me, News Feed, People, Reports, Schedule, Tasks, and Timesheets are some of its sections. The design of the Deputy user interface is pleasantly tidy and uncluttered.

Employees can check a summary of their schedules, start shifts, and breaks and request time off in the ‘Me’ area. The News Feed area is a community forum where significant business and personal thoughts can be contributed. This tool is valuable for leaving messages for coworkers and managers in different open shifts or locations. The ‘Tasks’ area enables team leaders to assign tasks and is an indicator of activities that are incomplete or completed.

Destination Section

You add your numerous destinations in the ‘Destinations’ section. This section provides an overview of schedules broken down by location and details on upcoming schedules and pending available shifts. You will find a searchable and scrollable alphabetical list of employees in the ‘People’ section.

All pertinent contact, employment, and shift details appear when you click a specific employee’s name. There are buttons for accessing Shifts, Timesheets, Unavailability, Leave, Journals, and News feeds. Additionally, there are keys for beginning shifts and locating substitutes (for canceled shifts).

A Help menu with connections to the Help Portal and, Hide Help Chat, Disable Support Access is available. It also has areas like Book Time With an Expert, Feature Suggestions, and Hide Getting Started.

A chat widget is always available at the bottom right of the page. When you click on this widget, you will be taken to the “Depubot,” a chatbot that will route your query to the most suitable individual or department for solutions.

New features

Deputy makes integrating with popular payroll, POS, and HR systems simple. It has several integrations with popular HR and payroll applications. These variables will assist mutual customers by synchronizing data and preventing workflow and process duplication between applications. Real-time payroll connection between partner services is also included.

Recently, Deputy added other features for placing employees in the scheduling grid and a Monthly Calendar view, a standard feature on rivals like When I Work and ZoomShift.

Who Are These Features Suitable For?

Although Deputy’s HR features are most suitable for smaller businesses with basic requirements, its shift scheduling and planning features place it at the top of the field. This is a deserving choice thanks to its strong mobile strategy, extensive customer support, user-friendly interface, and long-range of pre-built connections.

In the healthcare industry, Deputy is an excellent tool. It simplifies the scheduling aspect of working in healthcare. Using Deputy in the retail industry allows you to spend less time on schedules and timesheets and more time generating sales. With this program, you can also easily manage your teams and keep labor expenditures under control in the hospitality industry.

Additionally, in the manufacturing and logistics industries, Deputy assists you in matching your staffing to demand to satisfy orders and budget. Deputy for security teams offers complete visibility scheduling of security teams across different sites.

The software interfaces with POS programs, including Clover, Lightspeed, Shopify, Revel, Square, and payroll solutions. You can connect it to HR applications like BambooHR, intelliHR, JobAdder, Op Central, Edapp, and Allara Global. Also, Deputy connects with various types of third-party software, such as QuickBooks for accounting, Okta for password security, and Box for document storage.

Deputy effortlessly interfaces with payroll, point-of-sale, and HR systems to save you time and provide you with the information you need in one spot. This is a cost effective option to help you connect quickly, and it provides setup instructions and video tutorials for easy usability.

Deputy Offers

There are several Deputy offers available for businesses. These features include but are not limited to the following:

Real time and attendance tracking

With Deputy, tracking employees attendance is simple. The time clock can be used on the web via a mobile app, providing you the freedom to let your staff clock in from wherever is most convenient. It also contains location tools and biometric capture to prevent “buddy punching” or clocking in from a location other than work. Additionally, it offers the option for employees to confirm that they took the necessary meal and rest breaks as well as shift notes.

Managers can examine, amend, and approve timesheets that contain the time clock data. As a business manager, you can also synchronize the hours and employee pay rates. Even special shift premium rates are calculated, and the appropriate pay rate is assigned to the employee’s role, such as waitstaff one shift and bartending the next.

You can then integrate the timesheets with your payroll system or share schedules to CSV. Over a dozen payroll systems, including ADP, OnPay, Gusto, Xero, Paychex, Square, Rippling, and Zenefits, are integrated with Deputy.

Real-Time Attendance

The self service time tracking software from Deputy is a complete tool for managing employee time and attendance in the workplace. Employees may clock in and out using the program, which instantly generates an accurate digital timesheet. The correctness of the timesheets can be confirmed using the biometric and geolocation capture. Managers may easily export timesheets to payroll programs with just one swipe, and they can approve timesheets separately or in bulk.

Employers can get real-time push notifications about worker shifts and breaks with Deputy’s real-time attendance tool. Thus, they can pre-plan employee schedules and view shift plans in real-time. Users can access the schedule to see when they should report for duty.

Payroll integration

Thanks to Deputy’s payroll integration, employees can save time and gain insight into business processes. With Deputy, inputting employees payroll information seamlessly integrates with the HR and POS systems of the business, giving managers visibility into employee earnings, spending, and debt. This information is crucial for hiring and firing decisions.

Additionally, Deputy collaborates with dozens of top payroll providers. These providers, such as Astute Payroll, HiBob, Crystal Payroll, and iPayroll, enable users to view all pertinent data in a single location.

Automated Scheduling.

With the help of the Deputy’s auto-scheduling technology, managers can easily construct schedules by learning about the people’s availability. This eliminates the need for manually entering each employee’s schedule because the team members can access the schedules. This self service function saves time and ensures everyone is aware of upcoming shifts or events, avoiding staffing issues.

Mobile app

Managers can operate from anywhere, thanks to Deputy’s mobile app. You can download and read Deputy reviews for Android or iOS apps from the individual app stores. The app helps you handle the most popular scheduling and time-tracking tasks on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. Furthermore, managers can post shift scheduling information and send messages via the app, create timesheets, notify staff of open shifts, and approve time-off requests. Also, they can make announcements using communications (including posts with recorded videos).

Employees can use the app to switch shifts, request time off, sign in and out, and view their shift schedules and group messages. Users give this software excellent ratings, particularly on iOS. There is always a likelihood to recommend it to their friends as most users praise its dependability and usability. Customer support is always available and ready to fix any issue.


Overall, Deputy is a user-friendly employee management tool. As you can see from our Deputy review, the software provides you with push notifications for reminders, alarms, and more. Each month, Deputy also provides setup training in addition to on-demand videos. You can discover step-by-step tutorial videos and detailed assistance pages on Deputy’s YouTube channel.

If you require a fully functional employee management and time clock solution with excellent tools for forecasting and compliance, Deputy is the right tool for you. It charges per user, and its costs are reasonable compared to other apps. Register with Deputy right away and get 31 days to test it out.

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