The Ultimate Guide To Clockify: A Review

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Not only the best tool to track time, but Clockify your time management champion. Some might consider it as a newbie in the remote industry. However, it already proves itself to be a very cost-effective and worthy investment. It aims to provide an affordable system to all, whether you are a small business or even big companies. As Clockify’s users continue to grow in numbers, we can expect that it will expand its features that can surely cater to more users. While waiting, you can already enjoy various plans that can suit your business preference. You can check out some video tutorials to know more. Working remotely has never been this easy. Time, as we all know, is gold. So, we better make use of our time wisely and efficiently. Time to be a leader in time management with Clockify.


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The Ultimate Guide To Clockify: A Review

As the pandemic caught everyone off-guard, all businesses had no other choice but to adapt to the situation. With the arrangement of remote settings becoming a norm in the industry, it is vital to have a reliable time tracking app that’s beneficial for both employers and employees. One of the most in-demand tools used in tracking time is Clockify.

In this Clockify review, you’ll be able to know the ins and outs of this time tracking tool. Clockify makes specific tasks easier, leading to a better workflow and time management. Hopefully, this guide helps you realize that it is a better option compared to other software.

What Is Clockify?

Launched in 2017, Clockify is a time tracking software. Even before the pandemic, it is already a popular choice for remote employees and freelancers. Clockify offers both free version and paid plans. This can help small businesses in terms of time management, attendance system, and project management. Other Clockify features can also assist users in specific projects and even in annual reports. Clockify works on different platforms as well.

Advantages Of Using Clockify

When fairing with the competition, Clockify offers great benefits other than free time tracking. It excels in certain areas despite being a straightforward software.

Simple And User-friendly Time Tracker

Many users find it very easy to use. In comparison to other time tracking apps, beginners can easily navigate the app interface and use it right away. Small businesses can take advantage of this convenience as well.

You Can Choose What Plan Fits Your Needs And Budget

As Clockify offers five plans ranging from free time tracking to enterprise level, you can have unlimited users in every plan. So depending on the subscription, users can enjoy various features. This is perfect when you create projects with other professionals as you can do time tracking of their progress. Aside from being cost-effective, you can easily track labor costs based on employees’ hourly rates. All is made possible by it being an attendance software. Lastly, project templates are available too.

GPS Tracking Is Possible

You can get this in Pro and Enterprise accounts. This is useful in project management. It can track work hours of employees on the other side of the world. In a way, employers can have the certainty that the right person will do the work.

Real-Time Messaging Is Available

The chat feature is accessible to team members. This is particularly useful if there are inquiries about specific tasks. It could help solve simple problems right away, making billable hours worth it.

Time Management Is Made Easy

Every business needs proper time management. Clockify is the best time tracker for plenty of reasons. Time logs are accurately recorded since it is also an attendance software. It can prevent the use of time estimates, which can sometimes be erroneous. Clockify makes time blocks work as you can track time entries. Hence, making work synched online. You can do scheduling and time off requests as well. It is, indeed, a pro in time management.

User Interface In Desktop App, Mobile App, And Web App

As long as you have an internet connected device, you can access Clockify wherever and whenever. Thanks to the availability of both web apps and mobile apps. Most often, people use a computer with a desktop app to work. With the advancement of phone technology, people now turn to mobile applications to do their work. You can also access Clockify’s web app on a computer or mobile device. All user data is synced online.

Drawbacks Of Using Clockify

As we dive deeper into this Clockify review, you’ll notice that there are still areas for improvement for this time tracking tool.

Shift Scheduling Feature Is Unavailable

Despite having a time off tracking, it still lacks a shift scheduling feature. If you are a business that employs different shifts for employees, you can’t use Clockify to create different schedules for a certain employee.

Inability To Integrate Time Entries To Payroll Providers

Another downside is you can’t do payroll integration. In spite of its feature that can create a timesheet, time entries are not directly linked to payroll providers. Employers must do this on their own for now.

Clockify features

Clockify offers a wide range of features designed to streamline time tracking and project management, including time logging, team collaboration, reporting, invoicing, and integrations, all in one user-friendly platform.

Project management

Clockify works to make managing projects a breeze. Project managers can easily keep an eye on the project’s progress, labor costs, and budget. They can also organize tasks according to job type, set budget and time estimates, and set hourly rates of team members. Managers will also be notified when they are getting close to their time and budget limits.

Track work hours and track time

With Clockify, there are several ways to accomplish a team’s time tracking, with other options available for a mobile app.

Time tracker

Using the time tracker, users can indicate the specific task they are working on. The timer button records the start and end of the activity. After the user enters the description of work done, client, and project, it adds to their entries log.

There is also a manual mode that allows users to manually input the start time and end times of past, present, and future tasks. This is available on both computer and mobile devices.


This summarizes all the work and time spent on each project. The team can use this to record daily and weekly tasks and submit the timesheets to the manager for review. It has web and mobile apps compatible with a computer or mobile device.

Auto tracker

This helps users to keep track of how much time they spend on web browsers and programs while using an internet connected device like a desktop computer. Only the user can see these and choose which ones to transfer to the Clockify website. The auto tracker works on a desktop app.

Non-billable and billable hours

Before specific projects start, it should be clear between you and the client which are the billable and non billable hours. Billable hours are tasks like development and design. Meanwhile, non-billable hours are tasks like error fixing and meetings. Tracking these properly ensures that work hours are correct.

GPS Tracking

You can track the activity of remote employees using the GPS tracking feature of Clockify. With this, you can check all locations they have visited and record everything they have worked on. You can even adjust and control which date will be collected.


Users can easily organize their daily and weekly tasks with Clockify. This also helps boost the team’s time management skills. With a click of a button, they can visualize how their week is going to go. Through this, they can organize their tasks efficiently, block specific time slots for projects, and easily edit time blocks. Users can also integrate the calendar with Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook.


Projects are easily scheduled when using Clockify’s user interface. You can even set project milestones, organize your team’s shifts, and track their time. The team’s availability can also be seen and for how long they were available.


Clockify offers a range of pricing options that suit every company’s needs.

Free plan

Clockify’s Free plan includes its core feature which is the time tracker. It is a very straightforward tool to use. Simply press ‘Play’ when starting a task and press ‘Stop’ once you are done.

Users working on multiple tasks across multiple projects can also link their tasks to a specific project. This makes it easier to monitor the data. Also, there is no limit to how long you can track time.

Daily time sheets can be made with Clockify’s free plan. This will allow you to track and keep a record of work hours in a week. Meanwhile, project managers can have clockify track their team’s time. This is helpful in tracking the billable hours of the team members.

Other features included in the free plan are a calendar, kiosk, and Pomodoro timer. The kiosk is an attendance system that allows the team to clock in and out of work from a single device. Pomodoro is another web browser extension that once activated, starts to track your time. It even reminds you to take a quick break every 25 minutes.

Clockify’s free version is open to unlimited users. This means that its free time tracking solution will remain free forever no matter how many users make use of it. However, paid plans will definitely have more features compared to the free plan.

Basic plan

The Basic plan includes everything on the free plan, plus a few more features. Here, you can import timesheets made with external programs by simply uploading the CSV file. The free time tracking software is upgraded to allow team members to track their break time.

User permissions have also been integrated into this plan. Project managers can now have user accounts and also specify which members have access to certain documents like time sheets, reports, and projects. Also, the team can now log-in to the kiosk using a unique PIN.

This plan also added features to help improve productivity and workflow. For example, you can edit your time spent on tasks in bulk compared to editing individually. Project templates are now available, so it’s easier to create projects with the same structure.

Standard plan

The Standard plan includes some additional features for the time tracking tool. Annual leaves and absences related to sickness can now be tracked.

Also, managers can track team activity and input hourly rates so that the team can check on how much they already made. In addition to this, you can now set Clockify to round the work hours to the nearest minute.

Pro plan

The Pro plan brings about more new features. It is now easier to track labor costs and profits for a more accurate budget management. This gives you a detailed view of your expenses, including how much you pay team members versus the client’s bill for that specific project.

You can now also note estimates on the budget and time you think it will take for project completion. Whenever you get near your budget limit, Clockify helps by sending an email alert to notify you.

Users with this plan also get access to tools that will help with project management to manage the workload among the team members.

Starting with the Pro plan, Clockify integrates the GPS tracking feature. This is very helpful when team members need to complete work in remote locations while keeping a record of it. It is an optional feature of this paid plan.

Enterprise plan

This is the top-tier plan of Clockify. Everything available up to the Pro plan is included here. Clockify also allows unlimited users in all its plans, free or paid.

The extra features that you will get in the Enterprise plan are more on security and customization. Companies now have the option to login using single sign-in rather than a password. With their consent, Clockify users can give their admin access to their accounts to edit necessary information.

If you want the experience to be more personalized, you can create a custom domain for your Clockify account. Audit logs can now be created to track any data changes that were made to your account.

Security and privacy

Clockify has a web browser extension for website tracking. If you opt to use this, it will track any website that you visit for more than ten seconds. Their desktop app also tracks computer programs that are used for more than 10 seconds. They do give you the option to disable this setting. But some users might miss this out especially if they don’t read the fine print.

The data gathered is also shared with other third-party vendors like Google and Microsoft. There’s no avoiding this unless you fully delete your account with Clockify.

In the security aspect, Clockify’s data centers are located in the UK, USA, and EU. Users can manually choose where their data will be stored. However, the suggested site is the EU since they are covered by GDPR regulations. This gives users more control when it comes to the management of their data.

Also, Clockify has a SOC 2 Type 2 accreditation. This means that Clockify is compliant with one or more of the five trust principles that ensure data security.

Customer support

Their customer support is very responsive. You can reach them via phone, email, and live chat. Upon using the live chat, a customer support personnel will immediately attend to your inquiries. Queries are usually handled in about 5 minutes and clear and detailed instructions will be provided to help users with their inquiries.

You can also check out Clockify FAQs on their website to get to know more about them and their process. If you’re more of a visual learner, there are a lot of video tutorials provided to help you understand the software more.

Clockify Alternatives

Despite the numerous features that Clockify offers, some may still not find it to their liking. That’s why they search for apps that are similar to Clockify. We have listed downtime tracking applications that work similarly to Clockify.

  • Connecteam
  • Time Doctor
  • Harvest
  • Toggl Track
  • Quickbooks Time

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