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ClickUp Review 2023: Key Features, Integrations, and Pricing

Our Verdict

ClickUp offers a suite of features that allows for easy customization and usage as a project management tool. It is easily accessible, offers 24-hour customer support and free training, if required, and implements numerous integrations and automation.


  • Free version includes most features, including automations
  • Integrations with Zoom, GitHub and more
  • Project status reports


  • More expensive than other project management software
  • Issues with customer service

Free plan available


Subscription Price

Starting at €9 Per user



Kanban boards, Everything View


 Expert Review

Very Good


Starting at €9 Per user

24/7 Support


Mobile App




ClickUp at a Glance

ClickUp is an all-in-one project management software that I believe every project management team should try out. An enticing benefit that I got while using ClickUp is how it strikes a balance between project management and productivity.

With ClickUp, every member of your project management team can collaborate productively to produce the desired outcome, and also in less time. While it isn’t the best tool I’ve ever used, it is undoubtedly a top 10 project management tool for me.

In this article, I will review ClickUp, and how you can optimize its features to get the best from it. I will also go through its pros and cons, as well as the pricing that it attracts.

What is ClickUp?

ClickUp is a SaaS project management software that takes team productivity and collaboration to the next level. It presents multitudes of features that help  to bring your project work from the start to its finished state.

ClickUp aids every project management team organize and analyze their project workloads. It also automatically assigns tasks and workloads to every team member without delay. ClickUp allows your team to create customization for various tasks and subtasks and also link related tasks together.

With ClickUp, you won’t have to worry about location barriers or restrictions as you can access it with mobile devices, desktops, and even voice assistants.

ClickUp is regarded as an all-in-one project management tool because it contains almost all, if not all, you would ever need in a project management tool and more.

What is ClickUp Best Used for as a Project Management Software?

ClickUp is best used for both managing and handling complex project works and agile projects. Its numerous features cater to all your project needs, which in turn, guarantees your workflow efficiency.

clickup project management screenshot

If you are looking for a project management software that helps you visualize and simplify your project planning process, helps your team stay on track to reach the desired project goal, achieves more in less time, and aligns the features that work best for your team, then, ClickUp might be the right option for you.

Why Should you Choose ClickUp?

Of all the available project management software, why should you consider ClickUp as the viable option?

Speaking from experience, ClickUp has helped my team a lot in getting the job done with its extensive features, but mostly because it has everything I needed to finish my project work efficiently. It has customizable task features that help your team organize and assign tasks while maintaining orderliness.

ClickUp has great customizable and integration capabilities, with many integration options you can use. It ensures maximum autonomy while still providing real-time insights. These features and many more are not only available on ClickUp, but are also cheaper compared to other project management platforms.

What your Team benefits from Using ClickUp.

Choosing ClickUp as the go-to project management software comes with numerous benefits, and they include:

  1. ClickUp Enhances Team Collaboration:

A vital quality that ClickUp upholds is team collaboration. ClickUp ensures that every team member can communicate and collaborate productively via its team collaboration features.

You can easily assemble documents in a single place and share them with the team members collectively. ClickUp allows team communication by assigning comments or objections to certain tasks and generating feedback and approval related to the projects. These features will enable the team to attain common ground and be on the same page regarding the project, thus promoting productivity.
Clickup weekly reporting screenshot

  1. 24 Hours Customer Support:

ClickUp offers round-the-clock customer support to its users. Regardless of the time of the day, ClickUp customer support is always available to help you if you have any questions or complaints to make, even on holidays.

Not on that, ClickUp also offers free training to its users that require one. If your team is new to ClickUp or a project management tool in general and you seek ClickUp’s guidance and training, they have free training available that you can access. This, of course, allows for the smooth running and ease of use of ClickUp for your project needs.

  1. ClickUp is Easily Accessible:

ClickUp bridges the gap in access barrier by making the project management tool available and accessible on mobile devices, desktops, and voice assistants.

You don’t have to be at a specific location or be restricted to a particular device to be able to access ClickUp. You can access ClickUp with any of the above devices and still enjoy maximum efficiency from its usage.

  1. Multiple Integration Options:

ClickUp offers multiple integration options for over 1000+ tools and applications. You can sync any of these applications with ClickUp to enhance your project’s productivity. Some of these applications include; Google Drive, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Calendar, Zendesk, Timely, Google Assistant, Chrome, and YouTube.

  1. ClickUp Promotes Efficient Task Management:

Successful project management is determined by how well you can manage your tasks and workload. ClickUp helps you simplify and manage your tasks efficiently by creating goals for each task and tracking the progress of the task with each goal achievement.

ClickUp enables you to visualize the completed tasks with the Progress Roll-Up feature, attach Target to each task with the Task Target feature, and monitor the progress of the tasks. You can distribute the team’s workload through scrum points, build blockers and enablers, and also understand the team performance with the numerous Dashboard features available on ClickUp.

With ClickUp, efficient task management is promised and guaranteed.

  1. Seamless Visibility/Workflows:

ClickUp enhances seamless Visibility with its Agile dashboards. It gives you an insight/ overview of every task, automatic progress report, tracking, and updates, all in one view.

This makes your workload less complicated and messy and helps your team prioritize important tasks and simplify workflows.

Restrictions of Using ClickUp as a Project Management Software

It is important to note that no project management software has it all. While using ClickUp, there are certain disadvantages that you might encounter. They include:

  1. Too Many Features:

It is no more news that ClickUp has extensive features programmed to cater to all your projects’ needs. However, if you are dealing with a project that doesn’t require many of these features, they might seem a little overwhelming and complicated to use.

Also, if you are new to ClickUp or haven’t used any project management platform before, the learning curve might seem pretty steep because of the overwhelming features and might delay productivity.

  1. Not-User Friendly Interface:

For a well-equipped project management application, ClickUp’s user interface isn’t entirely friendly and easy to navigate. This is partly caused by its numerous features, which you might find hard to figure out, and might take a long time to get used to. Also, it is quite complex for individual use, and you might find that you don’t necessarily need as many of the features as are available.

In Conclusion:

To sign up for any of the pricing plans above, you can simply go here to sign up, and if you are still unsure of what option is right for you, you can contact sales support for more information.

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